From Australia's most awarded home cinema designer, David Moseley, CEO of Wavetrain Cinemas, Cogworks will deliver an immersive home cinema demonstration at this year's show that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

The 23-channel, 9.6.8 Dolby Atmos demonstration will feature loudspeakers from the Australian designed, engineered and manufactured Elementi range. Elementi Audio's Fire range will be heating up the action with Firedragon LCR's, Firebird surrounds, Firefly Atmos channels and Obsidian LFE, all supported by Basalt bass steering subs.

Tieing it all together and ensuring precision placement throughout the cinema will be Storm Audio's 32-channel AV Processor. Utilising the Dante Digital platform, the processor will connect directly to the Elementi Digital Active speaker system, employing the stunning bass management software of the Storm processor and Dirac Live.

For the very first time at an Australian show, the jaw-dropping images of the new Christie M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector boasting 25,000 ANSI Lumens, 6000:1 on/off contrast ratio, 1100:1 ANSI contrast, 98% colour gamut [REC2020] will be lighting up a massive 208" Severtson SAT 4K woven acoustically transparent screen.

Severtson's Stellar Acoustically Transparent 4K (SAT-4K) screen is a revolutionary woven material designed to place the entire sound stage directly behind the screen, allowing the audio track to be in perfect sync with the vibrant images on screen. 

Processing of the video images will be handled by the benchmark video processor from Lumagen. Lumagen has stood alone in the video processing arena for many years and is a chosen asset for videophiles, cinema industry professionals and leading integration specialists the world over. You will witness a professionally crafted demonstration of this product's capabilities. 

Finally, ensuring the comfort of attendees for the ultimate cinema experience, and voted by dealers as the most comfortable and versatile range of Home Cinema Seats in Australia, Cogworks will bring along their Cogworks Design Cinema Seating

Wavetrain Cinemas provides a complete cinema engineering experience, with turn-key solutions built to industry reference standards. Together with Cogworks, book your timed spot across all three days in the Lake 2 room below.

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