Indy Audio Labs, owner of the Aragon brand, will premiere its highly anticipated 2-channel preamplifier, the Tungsten, for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere at the 2023 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show.

New to the luxury-audio Aragon Elements Collection, the Tungsten preamp completes a two-channel audiophile-level listening experience when combined with the Iridium monoblock or Titanium dual-monoblock Class A/B amplifiers. 

The Tungsten preamplifier is a new addition to the luxury audio Aragon Elements Collection, an extreme-performance 2-channel listening ecosystem for discerning customers. The Tungsten is packed with a generous array of both analog and digital inputs, supports both analog bypass and an internal DSP engine, boasts powerful and pristine DACs, and has tri-amp capability. 

The Tungsten preamplifier is housed in a beautiful industrial design that perfectly matches its companion Aragon amplifiers - a combination that expresses beauty in its visual presentation and aural reproduction. Representing the ultimate in performance audio design, all Aragon models include features in their core architecture that take these precision instruments to new heights of performance and authenticity.

Ted Moore, CTO of Indy Audio Labs, Aragon’s parent company, told StereoNET:

The Tungsten 2-channel preamplifier is the lynchpin of our Aragon ultra-performance offering. With its advent, we have the vital third piece of The Elements Collection, and our customers now have a complete Aragon audio solution that will give them a uniquely emotional listening experience. Our goal was to create a special and unabridged group of audio products that will endure and be worthy of collecting, all the while producing some of the most visceral and transformative listening experiences found in the high-performance 2-channel world. The Tungsten 2-channel preamplifier is the next piece of this amazing heritage.

Australian distributor Jay Vee Technologies, is demonstrating the Tungsten and Iridium in room M4. Jay Vee Technologies will also be exhibiting Aragon’s sister brand, Acurus, which includes the 2RU MUSE 16-channel processor and M8 8-channel amplifier, at booth C1. 

The StereoNET Hi-FI & AV Show takes place October 20-22 at the Pullman Hotel & Convention Centre, Queens Road, Albert Park. Discounted tickets are available online now for a limited time.

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