Zidoo Unveils Updated Range of 4K Media Players

Posted on 26th September, 2023

Zidoo Unveils Updated Range of 4K Media Players

Zidoo has announced its new range of five 4K media players, catering for a wide range of requirements and budgets. 

The new media players - Z9X Pro, Z20 Pro, Z2000 Pro, Z2600 and UHD5000 - all come equipped with the RTD1919BPD quad-core 64-bit processor, which results in a performance boost of around 20% compared to previous models, the company says. There’s also AV1 decoding support and an enhanced Dolby VS10 engine for HDR to SDR downscaling.

The players also come with HDMI 2.1 ports, which supports 12-bit HDR10+, Dolby Vision and 4K 60Hz. There’s also Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6, and the players are running on Android 11 with 4GB of RAM while supporting DRM Widevine L1.

Starting at US$249, the Z9X Pro is the most affordable option in the new lineup, with 4K, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support in a small package. The player can connect to an external hard drive and is great for streaming from a local source.

The Z20 Pro (US$369) is very similar to the Z9X Pro, but this media player has an internal HDD bay that can support hard drives with a capacity of up to 16TB, so there’s no need to have an external hard drive plugged into it.

The first big jump in terms of features comes with the Z2000 Pro, retailing at US$559. The player comes with a slimline chassis that packs in a LED panel display, switch mode power supply, concealed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas, and an internal HDD bay that can accommodate up to 16TB of storage.

Then comes the Z2600 (US$619), fitted with an elegant brushed metal front panel and built-in switch mode power supply. More interestingly, the player has separate HDMI outputs for video and audio, which allows for more flexibility during set-up. The player also has an internal HDD bay that can support up to 16TB of storage.

Lastly, there’s the UHD5000, priced at US$995. The flagship of the lineup, the player comes with an ESS9068 DAC, support for hardware decoding of MQA and DSD512, and dual power supplies for the analogue and digital components to avoid noise. There are also stereo XLR outputs and dual internal HDD bays that can support up to 16TB of storage each.

The audio players will be available in early October 2023, with preorders available now from selected retailers.

For more information visit Zidoo

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