Yamaha SR-C30A Shrinks the Sub & Soundbar Package

Posted on 31st August, 2022

Yamaha SR-C30A Shrinks the Sub & Soundbar Package

Yamaha's latest sub and soundbar package is small enough for game stations and Uni dorms.

Yamaha's SR-C30A combines a compact soundbar with a separate slender wireless subwoofer. Not only is this system designed to “deliver reproduction quality with an enhanced three-dimensional sound field”, but the bar will slip under any TV or monitor whilst the subwoofer is so compact it will pretty much fit anywhere. Naturally, the soundbar can also be wall-mounted.

With packages such as the SR-C30A, it's generally the large black box of a subwoofer that clashes with your interior design. Not so here, as the C30A's sub can stand at just 36cm high or be laid sideways thanks to the front-firing port and single-sided driver. This also means that you could fit it inside an entertainment unit.

Meanwhile, the soundbar is 60cm wide and just 6.4cm high. There's no Atmos trickery here; however, this is purely a stereo affair. That said, Yamaha does mention its “Original 3D Sound Field Technology.” Arguably more importantly, though, you get the company's 'True Sound' that is said to focus on detail, clarity and realism. Furthermore, Yamaha's Adaptive Low Volume technology aims to keep the balance right when playing quietly as well as when the volume is up. In addition, 'Clear Voice' is available to make dialogue more audible and crisp.

The soundbar is quoted as punching out 2 x 20W into six ohms at 1kHz with 10% distortion (THD) from a pair of 4.6cm drivers. The sub is kitted out with a 13cm woofer.

Connectivity-wise, inputs cover HDMI ARC, pair of optical digital and an analogue input. There's also Bluetooth streaming allowing you to squirt tunes from your mobile or perhaps play from Bluetooth-equipped TVs - not sure what the lip syncing would be like, though.

The Sound Bar Controller app is a neat alternative to the bundled remote. Both methods hand you access to four sound modes, with the Gaming option hinting that Yamaha reckons the SR-C30A will find fans looking to bolster their game station audio. The company also recommends it to those looking to better the sound of second sets and in dorm rooms.

The Yamaha SR-C30A soundbar and subwoofer combo will retail at US$279.95 when it lands around October 2022.

Visit Yamaha for more information

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