Vertere Acoustics Sabre MM Cartridge Announced

Posted on 10th June, 2021

Vertere Acoustics Sabre MM Cartridge Announced

British-based analogue audio brand, Vertere Acoustics, has announced its new moving magnet cartridge, dubbed Sabre.

Vertere Acoustics' Sabre is a high-end moving magnet phono cartridge designed and hand-crafted to the exacting standards we have expected from Vertere.

Vertere Sabre MM Cartridge

We are informed that the body of the Sabre cartridge is precision machined from solid Aluminium alloy, with its final mass perfectly tuned to the generator for ideal support and control of unwanted mechanical vibrations. All in, the cartridge tips the scales at 10.3g.

Vertere Sabre MM Cartridge

Eschewing any adhesives, the generator itself is fixed to the body via four 'spike' screws precisely positioned and torqued for maximum rigidity and performance. The manufacturer adds that this is a unique method to Sabre.

Sabre utilises an Alnico magnet that promises long-term stable magnetism and a strong magnetic field to size ratio. Additionally, each Sabre's cantilever/suspension is individually positioned and aligned at Vertere to ensure maximum musical performance.

Vertere Sabre MM Cartridge

A 7.5 x 15.5 μm micro-elliptical diamond stylus tip is rigidly fixed and bonded to an aluminium tube cantilever. This has apparently been designed for maximum tracking ability without compromising on high-frequency response or low surface noise.

Sabre has a quoted extended response of below 15Hz to over 25kHz, which, when coupled with its low mass moving magnet and output of 4.0mV, is said to create “a lifelike dynamic range and scale with incredible detail, low frequency 'punch', depth and precision.” Recommended load capacitance is listed as being 100 – 200pF and channel separation a minimum of 22dB.

Vertere Sabre MM Cartridge

The cartridge is mounted via two machined threaded fixing holes. Also in the Sabre package, you get a pair of Vertere stainless steel thumb screws designed to ensure correct coupling of the cartridge body to the tonearm head-shell. The ideal tracking weight is stated as 2.0g.

Three specially designed contact areas machined on top of the cartridge body provide the exact mechanical coupling required by the Sabre cartridge to the tonearm.

Vertere Sabre MM Cartridge

Helpfully, there is also a ridge machined on the top front of the Sabre. This has been designed to assist you with the alignment of the cartridge when mounting onto any Vertere tonearm.

The Vertere Acoustics Sabre MM cartridge is priced at US$1,199.

Visit Vertere Acoustics for more information

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