T+A Series 200 Range Created

Posted on 21st September, 2021

T+A Series 200 Range Created

T+A adds the MP 200 multi-source player, DAC 200 digital-to-analogue converter/ pre-amp, and A 200 output stage to the HA 200 headphone amp and DAC to create the Series 200 range.

T+A has announced a trio of Series 200 compact components built on the German high-end audio firm's debut headphone amplifier, the HA 200. Consisting of the MP 200 multi-source player, the DAC 200 digital-to-analogue converter/pre-amplifier, and the A 200 output stage, the premium compact 200 range aims to give you the Herford company's impressive quality and performance in a form factor that's easy to live with.

The tech of the new 200 series might well be based on last year's HA 200 headphone amp/ DAC, but, at least aesthetically, T+A has leaned heavily on T+A's M-system from 1993. That said, T+A's designers have wisely moved away from the '90s chrome with a more contemporary choice of matt black and silver finishes for the aluminium casework.

Firstly, taking the DAC 200 (above), you can quickly see how it matches the HA 200 for a seamless look, as well as integration. Meanwhile, the MP 200 takes up the stance of a classic multi-source player, and the final piece of the system is the A 200 output stage.

T+A states that the strengths of the 200 series components lie in their capabilities, both as individual reference devices as well as when used in concert.

Lothar Wiemann, director of development at T+A, told StereoNET:

We have designed all the units in such a way that they superbly fulfil their task as separate devices but become even better when combined within a system.

Naturally, T+A has utilised its in-house Modular High-End Architecture (MHA) with the T+A DAC 200 crunching numbers up to DSD1024 and 32-bit/768 kHz PCM files. In addition, amplification sections employ Class A and HV technology.

The T+A MP 200 multi-source player (below) hands you access to TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz, and Roon (currently undergoing certification) on top of spinning silver discs. Additionally, you can control streaming playback via the T+A MusicNavigator app.

The T+A A 200 boasts 250W per channel for your loudspeakers, while those looking to keep the music to themselves can either add the HA 200 reference headphone amplifier or use the DAC 200's 4.4mm Pentaconn output.

You can order the T+A Series 200 now with the components shipping in October 2021. The T+A MP 200 multi-source player is priced at US$5,700, with the T+A DAC 200 costs US$6,490. Finally, the A 200 output stage sports a US$4,900 price tag.

Visit T+A Elektroakustik for more information

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