Posted on 1st March, 2018


Long one of the bastions of British Hi-Fi, respected speaker manufacturer Spendor has launched the successor to their award-winning A6R.

Although outwardly similar, the new medium-sized tower packs a raft of changes into its slim real wood veneered cabinet.

The 18cm bass-mid driver is all-new, utilising the EP77 polymer cone and suspension materials as used in the company’s more upmarket D7 design.

Spendor claims an improvement in dynamic ability and linearity at lower levels, along with better heat dispersion and to top things off, the cone is less prone to ‘break up’ at higher volumes.

Spendor A7

Just why anyone would endeavour to torture these beauties by mistreating them is a mystery to me, but rest assured the A7’s will handle more power than the now superseded A6R.

The crossovers have been completely reworked with precision wound low distortion inductors, and Spendor says these provide a more coherent, balanced sound.

The new 22cm tweeter promises to deliver a smoother and more extended frequency response over a wide listening area, perhaps aiming to avoid the dreaded pinpoint listening ‘sweet spot.’

A bass-reflex design, the A7 retains the linear-flow slot of the A6R, offering ease of placement if they can’t be used in free space.

Whether pushed close to walls or against unavoidable furniture in smaller rooms, Spendor says the A7 will still cut the sonic mustard.

Rather than using mass damping of the internal cabinet walls, the A7 uses small polymer dampers at key points inside the cabinet to quell internal resonances and energy, actually transforming those unwanted nasties into heat, which of course is inaudible.

Silver-plated copper internal cabling, top-grade capacitors, and easy 88dB sensitivity at 8ohms also mean the A7’s are unfussy when it comes to power requirements.

Topping off the feature count are the machined steel stabiliser inserts, secured directly into the main cabinet structure they rigidly anchor the quality spikes and eliminate the possibility of sound blurring micro-movement of both feet and cabinet.

The result is a fast-paced, upbeat and open sound and combined with those classic Spendor good looks, the A7 looks to be a compelling package.

Expected to land in New Zealand soon, they're available in natural oak, dark walnut, black ash real wood veneers and a satin white lacquer (apartment dwellers take note).

Tom Davidson, Director of Spendor’s local distributor Orange Road Audio, says the A7’s will have an expected RRP of $6600.

For more information visit Spendor.

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