Sony’s Glass Tweetered LSPX-S3 Promises Crystal Clear Sound

Posted on 13th July, 2021

Sony’s Glass Tweetered LSPX-S3 Promises Crystal Clear Sound

Sony's LSPX-S3 is part speaker and part lamp thanks to glass tweeter and candlelight mode.

The Sony LSP-S3 is a portable speaker packing a candlelight mode. If that doesn't pique your interest, the organic glass tweeter might.

Sony LSPX-S3

This minimalistic and elegant portable home speaker uses what Sony calls Advanced Vertical Drive Technology. We're informed that three actuators are discreetly attached to the end of the organic glass tube, vibrating it to spread sound in every direction.

Sony LSPX-S3

Apparently, we can expect clear and powerful high tones from the organic glass tweeter, and, thanks to the 46mm speaker unit, it will be matched by a well-balanced mid-range. Lows are courtesy of a passive radiator. We are duly informed that if you want to add more bass, simply select “Bass Boost mode” in the Sony | Music Center app. Sony claims a 20Hz–20 kHz range (with 44.1kHz sampling).

Sony LSPX-S3

The LSPX-S3 is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible, featuring AAC and LDAC tech for high-quality sound transmission. Additionally, you can connect two Glass Sound Speakers in stereo pair mode, giving you left and right audio channels.

Also, there is candlelight mode for those romantics out there, or if you fancy taking the Sony LSPX-S3 camping with you. This setting provides a subtle illumination that flickers like a candle, bright for general use, or delicate for winding down at night or getting the mood right. Of course, you can even sync the light to pulse in time with your music.

Sony LSPX-S3

In fact, the LSPX-S3 has four different lighting modes and 32 brightness levels. Furthermore, you can adjust the brightness to suit the mood by simply sliding the touch sensor.

Proving that the Glass Sound Speaker could be quite the over-achiever, it will even lull you to sleep, allowing you to relax with music and gentle light. Just set the sleep timer to help control when you go to bed and settle for the night. However, on the other side of the coin, the LSPX-S3 is also packing a built-in microphone. This means you can use it to take calls from the office.

Sony LSPX-S3

You get up to 8 hours of battery life which is replenished via USB Type-C. This also makes it perfectly portable.

The LSPX-S3 is now available, priced at US$349 | S$499.

Visit Sony for more information

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