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SGR Audio forges ahead on its journey of innovation delivering world-class products, releasing an all-new range of Hi-Fi racks.

SGR Audio started building Hi-Fi racks eight years ago to complement its already successful active loudspeaker business. One of Australia's most successful Hi-Fi companies of today, it now exports its products to all continents of the globe.

SGR Audio's new range of racks debuted at the High End Show in Munich, Germany, earlier this year.

With a newly engineered and expanded lineup of racks now ready, SGR's CEO, Stuart Ralston, told StereoNET:

Our new hi-fi equipment racks are a seamless blend of innovative engineering, compelling performance and luxurious aesthetics.

The new range consists of three diverse ranges at varying price points and performance for a total of six products, with additional options. Starting with the Signature line, then Symphony and finally Statement, make no mistake, SGR Audio's range of racks are nothing short of stunning.

But it's not just about looks. Those fortunate enough to have used or heard SGR Audio products will already appreciate the level of workmanship, and impeccable finish. Furthermore, each rack is the result of extensive research and offers its own unique package of advanced multifaceted isolation features.

Ralston continued:

Disruptive vibrations from your equipment and from the surrounding environment inhibit and distort the quality of your sound. With the current range, we have devoted countless years to research and development in our insatiable pursuit of sonic accuracy and clarity. Our latest layered isolation technology works seamlessly to protect and enhance the listener’s experience.

For over 20 years, SGR Audio has been investing in technology, machinery and equipment to design and manufacture in-house. SGR's manufacturing facilities are now state-of-the-art, enabling them to control almost all processes involved along with ensuring perfect accuracy and quality.

Within the SGR Audio rack line-up and thanks to its modular design, an upgrade path exists as your system and requirements change.

Depending on the model chosen, optional extras can include an extended top shelf upgrade, heavy duty cross-braces, additional isolator sets, amplifier stand and ball-race levellers.

From the Model I Signature through to the flagship Model V Statement, from contemporary luxury and sleek aesthetics to luxurious opulence, SGR Audio's new range of racks well and truly flaunts Ralston's ability but also stands shoulder to shoulder with its proven and award-winning loudspeakers.

Ralston added:

We are a uniquely progressive company, where forward thinking and futuristic vision are encouraged, and where perfection, precision and performance seamlessly converge,

To celebrate the new racks SGR Audio have launched a new dedicated website for the rack range.

For more information visit SGR Audio which is distributed in New Zealand by Audio Reference.

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