Sennheiser’s IE 100 PRO BT Bundle Combines Convenience and Versatility

Posted on 20th November, 2020

Sennheiser’s IE 100 PRO BT Bundle Combines Convenience and Versatility

Sennheiser is releasing the IE 100 PRO BT Bundle this month which is a perfect solution for those seeking to take their professional monitoring sound anywhere.

As part of a special promotion, Sennheiser's brand new IE 100 PRO in-ears will be bundled with a Bluetooth connector so that they can go with you, beyond the stage.

The special IE 100 PRO BT Bundle will be limited to 8,000 pieces and sell exclusively in Asia before becoming available globally in 2021.

The IE 100 PRO in-ears, according to Sennheiser, “offer you a natural, warm and utterly precise monitoring sound that allows you to fine-tune your performance with ease.” They come supplied with a range of silicone and memory foam ear tips allows allowing for a perfect fit with ear canals, which Sennheiser says “comes as close as possible to custom ear moulds.”

The snug, comfortable fit is supported by a low-profile mould, while a reinforced ear-hook and detachable cable with patent-pending, break-proof connector give you the reliability you need during a performance. The IE 100 PRO also utilise the same connector as the IE 400 PRO and IE 500 PRO in-ears, allowing for interchangeable cables between the models.

With the bundle, you can quickly and easily ditch the cable and make a wireless connection to your mobile device. You simply unplug the standard cable and attach the lightweight semi-wireless connector cable instead. With a Bluetooth connection, you can listen to playlists, make calls or watch videos, while taking advantage of the AptX Low Latency codec ensuring that sound and image are in perfect sync. The Bluetooth connector also features a built-in microphone, remote for call and music control and a battery life of up to ten hours.

The IE 100 PRO BT Bundle includes the IE 100 PRO Red, a straight, black IE PRO cable (1.3 m) for monitoring, silicone adapters in sizes S, M and L, foam adapters in M, a soft pouch and a cleaning tool, the IE PRO BT Connector and a USB-C cable for recharging the Bluetooth connector.

Available now in Asia, the IE 100 PRO BT Bundle sells for SGD 239 | USD 149.

For more information visit Sennheiser


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