Revival Audio Très Chic Retro Speakers

Posted on 20th October, 2022

Revival Audio Très Chic Retro Speakers

Revival Audio's Atalante range of loudspeakers promises vintage looks with modern driver technology with added je ne sais quoi.

While Revival Audio may have only been born in 2021, Daniel Emonts, one-half of the duo behind the company and the Master Engineer, has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Together with Jacky Lee, a Swiss-based Taiwanese, multitalented Strategist Executive who built many successes with Dynaudio, IBM and L'Oréal, the future is bright indeed.

Emonts is no stranger to high-end audio. Being a self-confessed audiophile of more than 40 years, his professional capacity dates back to the turn of the century as an Acoustics Engineer with Altec Lansing, three years with Focal, Chief Design Engineer and Technical Director with Sound Matrix Corp and IT Electronic, and more recently as Chief Acoustic Specialist at Dynaudio.

Emonts was also responsible for significant releases and technology from Dynaudio, including the Heritage Special, Special Forty, Confidence, Contour, and best-in-field tweeter Esotar3, HEXIS tech. He was also responsible for Focal's Grand Utopia EM, Electra S, and Electra Be².

The company's first release includes two stand mount loudspeakers; the 2-way Atalante 3 (€2,090) and 3-way Atalante 5 (€4,490), along with separately available matching stands. Designed, engineered and assembled in France, every single detail is designed from scratch and underwent hundreds of hours of experiments, measurements and listening. 

Designed in-house, the drivers used by Revival Audio include an RASC 28mm soft-dome tweeter, RASC 75mm soft-dome mid-range, along with BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) 7-inch woofer (Atalante 3) and 12-inch woofer (Atalante 5). 

We tune the crossover by hand, placing real components on one tuning board, and measuring the results. When done, we listen (a lot) and fine-tune; after that, we check again with measurements that we went in the right direction. Sometimes, a change of value is very little visible on the measured curve but can make all the difference in sound. Our philosophy of crossover design is, that…we don't have a philosophy. We use as few components as possible, but all that are needed. That's the reason why we can stand out; that's all about experiences and expertise.

Revival Audio certainly appears to be a brand to keep an eye on and we expect to be talking more about it and its products over the coming months.

For more information visit Revival Audio

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