Piega Ace Wireless Speaker Range For Modern Music & Movie Lovers

Posted on 25th January, 2022

Piega Ace Wireless Speaker Range For Modern Music & Movie Lovers

Piega's new Ace range arrives with WiSA-certified active networked loudspeakers for wireless stereo up to 7.1 multichannel applications.

Piega's Ace Wireless series follows on from the stylish Ace passive loudspeaker range that debuted a year ago. Naturally, the Ace Wireless speakers feature the Swiss brand's signature aluminium cabinets and AMT ribbon tweeters alongside seamless TV integration (HDMI eARC, optical, coaxial, WiSA) and built-in streaming smarts, including Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, Google Chromecast and Bluetooth 4.2.

Piega Ace Wireless

These may be based on the original Ace series' extruded aluminium cabinets; however, they are loaded with upgraded mid and bass MDS (Maximum Displacement Suspension) drivers, a revised version of PIEGA's Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter, digital amplification up to 200W per channel, and a sophisticated DSP system capable of handling up to 24bit/192kHz High-Res Audio.

Piega Ace Wireless

A stereo pair of the Piega Ace Wireless consists of a (Tx) transmitter and the secondary (Rx) receiver speaker. The Tx sends music, in lossless hi-res quality, wirelessly to one or more Rx speakers. A wireless multichannel system would consist solely of Rx speakers as a WiSA-certified component (e.g. TV) would act as the signal decoder (e.g. Dolby, DTS etc.) and transmission hub to the Ace Wireless loudspeakers. Therefore, all the speakers are available to buy singularly, enabling you to build a system to suit your requirements, up to 7.1 channels.

Piega Ace Wireless

The range kicks off with the Ace 30 Wireless. Here you have Piega's AMT ribbon tweeter mated with a 12cm MDS mid/ bass driver. Inside this 2-way monitor's aluminium enclosure (22cm × 14cm × 16 cm), you a 100W amp paired with a DSP crossover offering a quoted 35Hz – 25kHz frequency range.

Piega Ace Wireless

Piega's Ace 50 Wireless is next up. This slender 3-way floorstander measures 105cm tall and utilises the 12cm MDS for midrange duties only, bolstered by a quartet of 12cm MDS bass drivers. These get pushed along by a 200W amp resulting in a stated 30Hz-25kHz frequency response.

Finally, the 2-way Ace Center Wireless loudspeaker features a 100W amplifier driving a pair of 12cm MDS mid/ bass drivers alongside Piega's AMT ribbon tweeter.

Piega Ace Wireless

The Piega Ace Wireless range is available from late February 2022 with the Ace 30 Wireless priced from £1,090 each for the Tx and £900 each for the Rx (£1,990 a stereo pair in aluminium, £2,090 in black anodised or white gloss). The Ace 50 Wireless costs from £2,090 each for the Tx and £1,900 each for the Rx (£3,990 a stereo pair in aluminium or £4,090 in black anodised or white gloss). Meanwhile, the Ace Center Wireless (Rx only) cost £1990 in aluminium or £1,040 in black anodised / white gloss. Optional stands and brackets are also available.

Asian pricing and availability for the Piega Ace Wireless range hasn't been announced by the company.

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