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Wow!!! Triple exclamation points define the reaction to Perreaux’s 200 and 350 series of pre and power amps when we saw them more than a few decades back a while.

They were unlike anything we stocked at East Coast Audio and to think they were hand built and designed in Kiwi Land.

The series featured chrome wishbone shaped facias contrasted by a deep black chassis. They were big, and they were bad boys. We couldn’t help telling customers they had to buy a Harley Fatboy to compliment the muscular and oh so very American look of these components.

Time moves on. Perreaux swiftly followed with other sweet looking models. But the die was cast. Perreaux had arrived.

Then suddenly, company founder Peter Perreaux sold the business to Martin van Rooyen in 1998. And now, exactly twenty years later, it has another new owner called Edwin Nieman, who owns Kamahi Electronics.

Edwin Nieman

Perreaux is in good hands.

Nieman is an A grade electronics engineer based in Dunedin. His Kamahi business based in the city is a thriving design and manufacturing specialist that has a massive queue of local and international clients.

The new ownership is certain to inject even more energy into the Perreaux brand. Nieman heads a team of 20 electronics engineers, more than enough to put Perreaux back amongst the world’s elite brands.

After 20 years, Martin van Rooyen leaves Perreaux excited by the company’s direction.

He said:

Thank you all so much for 20 wonderful years at the helm of Perreaux. I’m very excited for the company under Edwin’s careful and energetic guidance. Please watch this space.

StereoNET UK recently reviewed the Perreaux Audient 80i 40th Anniversary Special Edition Integrated Amplifer.

For more information visit Perreaux.

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