Neat Acoustics Momentum Jet Speakers Will Get You Moving

Posted on 22nd June, 2024

Neat Acoustics Momentum Jet Speakers Will Get You Moving

Neat Acoustics' Momentum Jet series promises to boost your sound quality no matter if you choose the standmounter or floorstander.

Neat Acoustics has added the two-strong Momentum Jet series to the British brand's portfolio. Currently comprising a standmount and floorstanding model, the new range takes inspiration and cues from the company's flagship Ultimatum range with the intention to incorporate high-end engineering and components into a more affordable range.

To keep costs down, the Momentum Jet speakers use MDF cabinets instead of the Finnish birch ply of the flagship. Meanwhile, the new line gets a new “Jet” AMT tweeter, replacing the brand's established soft dome super-tweeter arrangement. Both models use Neat's bespoke isobaric bass loading technique, which, it says, provides “exceptionally extended and well-defined low frequencies.” Both models share the same vital statistics, such as the frequency response for a room-averaged pair is 22Hz – 22kHz with an 86dB/1 watt sensitivity (2.83v/1m) and 8 ohms nominal impedance (5 Ohms minimum).    

The Momentum J-S standmount is pitched as a more compact, streamlined version of the company's Ultimatum XLS speaker, with a two-way design housing a tweeter alongside a 17cm mid/bass driver. The speaker's 'low-Q' rear port features an acoustic filter designed to restrict airflow to the speaker and aid in the control and tautness of the lower frequencies.

The Momentum J-S's crossovers feature point-to-point connections and include “premium audiophile quality components” such as polypropylene capacitors and low-loss inductors. Ideally situated in smaller rooms, Neat says the J-S standmounters are also comfortable filling larger spaces with the ease of a larger floorstanding model.

On that note, the Momentum J-6 floorstander has a 2.5-way design that matches its flagship Neat Ultimatum XL6 stablemate. Here, an AMT tweeter and midrange/bass driver sit in the upper section of each cabinet while two downward-facing 17cm units take care of the very lows.

As with their standmount siblings, the J-6 utilise premium components and materials, bringing flagship technologies into a more affordable package.

The two Momentum Jet speakers will be available from September, with the standmount J-S selling for £4,995 and the J-6 floorstanders priced at £9,995. International pricing has not been shared by the company.

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