MOON Voice 22 Loudspeakers Launched

Posted on 7th May, 2022

MOON Voice 22 Loudspeakers Launched

MOON breaks with tradition and announces the Voice 22, the first loudspeaker in Simaudio's history.

MOON's Voice 22 bookshelf speakers benefit from industry-leading technologies and premium materials, resulting in a first for the brand.

Having built its name on a foundation of award-winning amplification, DACs, and streamers, the Canadian high-end hi-fi manufacturer has turned its forty-plus years of audio design experience to create the Voice 22 standmount speakers - literally giving MOON its own voice.

MOON Voice 22 Speakers

We are told to expect the natural yet rich MOON sonic signature with a “wide soundstage enabling every detail to flourish and for the deep, clean bass to expand.” MOON states that “we aimed for transparency and realism with the Voice 22.”

The premium enclosure design has a modern feel with a classic twist that recalls Simaudio's 1980 genesis. However, the traditional styling hides contemporary technology, such as the patent-pending CGD (Curved Groove Damping) to control the panel resonances of the loudspeaker. The mechanical characteristics of the enclosure are carefully engineered to be free of vibrations that can colour the sound. Strategically positioned braces enhance rigidity, and a sculpted groove filled with damping material runs through the interior walls. This makes the lengths between edges different at any point on the surface, limiting panel resonance and improving the sound. Additionally, bass extension and definition promise to be extremely impressive and enjoyable, especially for such a compact loudspeaker.

MOON Voice 22 Speakers

Inside the 35x20x29cm (HxWxD) cabinet sits a 155mm woofer sporting a cast aluminium basket and mineral-filled polypropylene membrane. This has a soft, low-damping rubber surround for better transient response and an extended copper sleeve on the pole piece of the motor structure for lower inductance and distortion, as well as copper-clad aluminium wire to reduce its moving mass.

The woofer is partnered by a 29mm soft dome tweeter that employs a saturation-controlled motor system for lower distortion and a non-reflective rear chamber with optimised damping for better dynamics. The mechanical structure works without a typical front plate and is integrated into a custom waveguide, permitting a wider frequency range and lower crossover frequency. MOON says that the upshot here is a revealing upper midrange and natural-sounding openness and clarity.

MOON Voice 22 Speakers

Ensuring both drivers work in concert is a crossover featuring a dual-layer PCB designed with carefully selected, high-quality metallised polypropylene film capacitors for optimal sound quality and long-term reliability. This applies a 12dB per octave 2nd order slope at the low crossover point of 1.5kHz. Combined with the waveguide controlling the dispersion, we're assured that the Voice 22 crosses over beautifully and integrates both drivers to render the transition less noticeable. The result is a claimed frequency response of (±3dB) 55Hz – 24kHz and (-6dB) 45Hz – 30kHz frequency range at a stated 89dB/2.83V/1m sensitivity.

Dominique Poupart, MOON's Product Manager, told StereoNET:

We are thrilled that you can now own a complete MOON system, one that wouldn't depend on other manufacturers' loudspeakers. As with our other products, we created our own designs and technologies, aiming for transparency and realism and to preserve the scale and dynamics of real-life musical instruments.

MOON Voice 22 Speakers

Naturally, MOON says the perfect partner for the Voice 22 speakers includes the MOON ACE and all 200 and 300 Series amplifiers; adding the loudspeaker's clarity and resolution will bring out the best in other audio manufacturers' systems too.

The Voice 22 can be placed on any solid surface with its unique integrated Hover Base or on a bespoke stand. The Hover Base is designed to provide stability and reduce vibration. Also, it gives the speaker an elegant 'floating' appearance.

MOON's Voice 22 is available in a choice of high gloss black or white finishes with matching magnetic cloth-covered grilles and is priced at US$3,000 per pair.

Visit MOON for more information

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