Mission QX MkII Seven Speaker Range Revealed

Posted on 25th August, 2021

Mission QX MkII Seven Speaker Range Revealed

Mission hopes to have worked its magic once more with its QX MkII Series speaker range, offering a step-up from the Cambridgeshire-based brand's entry-level LX MkII line.

Mission's QX MkII Series speaker range includes six passive models – two standmount speakers, three floorstanders and a centre speaker – plus a new active subwoofer bolstering the low-end, especially for home cinema fans.

Mission QX MkII

Following in the footsteps of the original QX series, which we met at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show in 2019, the MkII models are touted as a “step-up” from the firm's entry-level LX range, which got their MkII make-over this time last year.

Mission QX MkII Optimisation

At first blush, the QX MkII look pretty much like their predecessors, thanks to their similar sizing and aesthetics. However, Mission says they've thrown all manner of tech, including computers and lasers, as well as listening tests, to eke out as much performance from the QX MkII as possible.

Mission QX MkII

Moreover, Misson has clamped a newly designed aluminium plate on the top and bottom of the speakers for extra rigidity.

QX MkII Drivers

The new range also benefits from the company's latest iteration of its DiaDrive bass/mid drivers. The drivers are made from an improved material with long acrylic fibres. Also, a high-strength ferrite magnet ensures that the magnetic field is directed precisely within the area of voice coil excursion. This should all add up to improved timing, clearer midrange performance and excellent transient response.

Mission QX MkII

The original QX range introduced Mission's 'comb tooth' indents, designed to scatter sound reflections from the cone and provide a purer delivery. In addition, Mission has added tapered indentations to the serrated scatterers with the aim of producing an even smoother frequency response.

The Mission QX MkII Ring Dome treble unit features a textile dome with a fixed centre with a voice coil attached part way down the dome. This forms the dome into two rings with the voice coil in the centre, apparently enabling it to drive the dome more accurately and efficiently. We're told that the result is lower distortion and superior performance at frequencies well in excess of 20kHz.

Mission QX MkII

Naturally, a decent crossover has to send the correct frequencies to the proper drivers. Mission's IDG configuration is said to ensure that the path lengths from bass/mid and treble units are partially equalised by the time the transients from each driver arrive at your ears.

We're told months of testing was undertaken to deliver crossover networks to complement the QX Series' driver configurations resulting in seamless integration between the drive units so that the speaker behaves as a single, coherent music-making system, says the manufacturer.

Mission QX MkII

The range-topping, three-way floorstanding QX-5 MkII (above) sports a stated frequency response of 32Hz-24kHz (+/-3dB) and a 90dB sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m). While the larger two-way standmount, the QX-2 MkII (below), boasts respective vital statistics of 44Hz-24kHz and 88dB.

Mission QX MkII

Mission QX MkII Subwoofer

Finally, the QX Series is awarded with an active subwoofer. Furthermore, the QX-12SUB MkII promises to add impact to movies and music within its claimed 35-120Hz area of expertise thanks to its “special pulp fibre formulation” 12-inch bass cone and 300W Class D amplifier. All of this is housed in a ported, rigidly braced enclosure.

Mission QX MkII

A pair of QX-1 MkII or QX-2 MkII standmounts in UK cost £299 and £399, respectively. The floorstanders range from £799 per pair for the QX-3 MkII to £899 for a couple QX-4 MkII, with the QX-5 MkII commanding £1099 per pair. The QX-C MkII centre speaker is £349, and the QX-12SUB MkII active subwoofer is £499. Asian pricings has yet to be announced by the company.

All seven Mission QX MkII models are available from September in a choice of matte Lux Black, Lux White, or walnut wood veneer.

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