Merason Announces pow1 Linear PSU

Posted on 11th April, 2021

Merason Announces pow1 Linear PSU

Swiss hi-fi company, Merason, has announced the availability of its new linear power supply.

Merason has introduced a new regulated linear power supply unit (PSU), dubbed pow1, for its well-received frérot DAC. The company states that the pow1 considerably improves the already noteworthy performance of its frérot DAC (pictured below).

Merason's pow1 PSU has been designed exclusively for the frérot. We are told that it generates -12V and +12V, both regulated in two ways, the second regulation being particularly low noise and discrete.

Additionally, the rectifier diodes built into the pow1 are apparently “special” compared to the usual rectifier diodes as they do not produce any spikes. This is said to result in no interference in the supply.

Finally, the pow1 eschews the more commonplace Zener diodes and instead employs a precise IC to regulate the +/- 12V supply.

This Swiss-made PSU incorporates a metal housing with a shielding cover and sports the high-quality expected from the brand. Its robust construction houses a toroidal transformer manufactured according to Merason's specifications.

The overall advantage here is that you get a power supply that has been tailored to the precise needs of the frérot. By using the pow1, the output stage of the frérot is powered directly by the new linear PSU.

The Merason Pow1 is available from May 2021, priced at €690, with pre-orders being taken now.


Linear power supplies have long been a handy way of eking out even more performance from your audio gear. The same should be true of Merason's pow1 - in fact, as the pow1 has been designed specifically for the frérot, we are expecting an easily evident sonic step-up. However, the real proof is plugging it in and having a listen.

Visit Merason for more information

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