Marten Audio chooses IsoAcoustics for Loudspeaker Isolation

Posted on 16th August, 2021

Marten Audio chooses IsoAcoustics for Loudspeaker Isolation

Canadian isolation device company, IsoAcoustics, is certainly not a new company, but boy, it's made some waves (or stopped some?) in the last couple of years.

Announced today, Marten Audio, the Swedish high-end loudspeaker company, has upgraded its flagship series of floorstanding speakers to include Marten Isolators, developed with IsoAcoustics.

Marten and IsoAcoustics have teamed up once more for its Coltrane 3 and Coltrane Tenor 2 - the latest models to receive the Marten Isolator upgrade. Marten Isolators are now standard for the Coltrane series, Mingus Orchestra, and the Parker series but are also available as upgrades across the Marten range (except Duke 2 - although the Orea work really well with them).

Marten Audio said:

By managing the boundary condition between the speaker and the supporting surface, Marten Isolators reduce the transfer of energy to the floor and prevent reflections from being conducted back into the enclosure, leading to improved definition. Marten Isolators are designed to provide a stable foundation for Marten speakers, allowing the speakers to deliver remarkable three-dimensional stereo imaging and clarity regardless of the floor construction.

Here at StereoNET, we're yet to hear a loudspeaker that hasn't benefited from the addition of IsoAcoustics isolation feet. And it's not just loudspeakers that benefit - we've used them under turntables, preamps and amps, even the shelves on racks. Its range of products is now highly-regarded, and in our opinion, it is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your audio or AV system.

A custom rack in the StereoNET HQ listening room, featuring Isoacoustics isolation feet on each shelf, and the overall rack.

It's great to see IsoAcoustics' real-world performance becoming more widely appreciated and more partnerships forming with the Canadian family business.

For more information visit IsoAcoustics

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