Magico Expands with New M2 Speakers

Posted on 7th December, 2018

Magico Expands with New M2 Speakers

That’s the way it is, with Magico. This high-end US speaker brand has a long gestation period between models. With good reason.

Lesser brands cobble together speakers and sometimes whole ranges of speakers in what seems like a heartbeat. Magico releases a new model only when the usually complex design that accompanies a new speaker is complete.

That is to say, and this shows discerning taste by this eminent pedigree speaker brand.

The other distinguishing feature of Magico is, the company doesn’t do cheap.

Like its rival, Wilson Audio, Magico inhabits the elite end of speaker design and manufacture. Each of its select range of models bears the refined imprint of cutting-edge research, development and tooling.

Think the new M2 might be an exception? Think again. Like we said, Magico don’t do cheap.

Heavily invested in researching the properties and application of carbon, Magico has given the M2 an enclosure that rivals the external shell of an F-35.

Now that we have your attention, we can tell you the M 2’s monocoque enclosure is meticulously made using multiple layers of carbon fibre. A feat that allows it to be rigid, very strong and a structure with curved interior and exterior walls that resists external resonances and vibration.

You want transparent uncoloured sound? Look no further than the M2 or indeed any Magico speaker.

You need detail, dynamic prowess and a deft musical touch? Head for the M2, and you won’t be disappointed by this unashamedly high-end masterpiece.

The kind of performance requiring high-end drivers, and these M2 has from tweeter to woofers. Its 28mm tweeter has a diamond coated Beryllium dome with an optimised geometry.  The Diamond coating provides an ideal stiffness to weight ratio without having to increase mass.

This unique-to-the-industry tweeter is an extra long excursion movement model equipped with a customised neodymium-based motor system to match the sensitivity and power handling of the M2. It achieves all these parameters and still retains an ultra-wide dispersion and ultra-low distortion performance.

The M2’s woofer cones are made using a material called Graphene in what’s a world first. Graphene is 100 times stronger than the strongest steel. Both the newly designed Magico 6-inch midrange and 7-inch bass driver are built using Multi-Wall carbon XG Nanographene.

This material has an ultra-stiff proprietary carbon weave 20 per cent lighter and 300 per cent stiffer than cones previously used in Magico models.

Moreover, the 6-inch midrange driver is installed into a purpose-built sub-enclosure made from a proprietary polymer and which aids in control and articulation of mid-range frequencies and protects against the huge back wave pressure of the M2’s bass drivers.

Magico M2

The M2’s 7-inch dual bass drivers are vertically aligned and are optimised for minimal music related distortions in the frequency and time domain using the latest state-of-the-art FEA simulation of acoustics, mechanics, electromagnetic and thermal behaviour.

To aid rigidity, the M2’s enclosure uses a three-axis matrix framework and three tension rods running front to back, internally.

The M2’s four drivers are acoustically integrated using Magico's unique Elliptical Symmetry Crossover topology that uses high-end parts sourced from Mundorf.

The M2 has 88dB sensitivity and average 4 Ohms impedance. Frequency response is 26Hz to 50kHz. The M2 is 18-inches deep, 17.5-inches wide and has a height of 45-inches. With optional Mpod stand, each M2 weighs 75 Kgs.

The M2 will be available early next year. Price is US$56,000 and US$7600 for the optional pair of MPod stands. Australian pricing has not yet been confirmed.

Magical, indeed.

For more information visit Magico.

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