Linn Organik DAC Upgrade Available to Existing Klimax DS and DSM Models

Posted on 11th April, 2022

Linn Organik DAC Upgrade Available to Existing Klimax DS and DSM Models

Linn's Organik DAC can now be retrofitted into all Klimax DS and DSM variants, right back to those from 2007.

Linn's reference Organik DAC debuted last year in the Scottish brand's next-gen Klimax DSM. Organik was a considerable milestone being the first-ever all-Linn digital-to-analogue converter manufactured entirely in-house. Today, the venerable hi-fi company announces that Linn Organik is now available as an optional upgrade for every generation of its highly-regarded Klimax DS and Klimax DSM music streamers.

Linn Organik DAC upgrade

This means existing Klimax streamer owners can upgrade to the latest DAC, including the Klimax 350 integrated speakers and Klimax Exaktbox crossover/DAC. Linn makes a point of being able to offer thier latest innovations to existing products as upgrades, even when decades old. Additionally, Linn adds that “nothing progresses beyond the prototype stage unless they can answer one simple question - is this better than what's available elsewhere”.

Linn Organik DAC upgrade

Organik offers improved digital-to-analogue (and vice versa) conversion circuitry while supporting DSD256 and 24-bit/384kHz streaming and supports the latest version of Linn's software that also debuted in the latest Klimax DSM release. 

Linn's Organik boasts a Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) Delta-Sigma methodology alongside a discrete analogue finite response conversion stage and ultra-stable power, precision clocking and expert PCB design.

Linn Organik DAC upgrade

Linn tells us they use an eight-layer circuit board, while power for the conversion stage is generated by a discrete regulator and facilitated using multiple internal power planes for optimal delivery. Finally, the clock traces are supposedly matched to within fractions of a millimetre, ensuring every element of the DAC receives its clock at the same time and increasing accuracy.

Upgrading your Klimax DS, DSM or Exaktbox to the latest and greatest DAC from Linn will cost you £5,400. Doing the same to your Klimax 350 speakers is priced at £10,800.

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