Posted on 28th March, 2018


American AV supremo’s Lexicon, has refreshed its home theatre line-up with a trio of impressive new components.

The Harman owned brand is renowned for its high-end gear, and its latest creations look to continue that impressive legacy.

Comprising two receivers and a blockbusting processor, the new products are right up to date with the latest advances in decoding technology and unsurprisingly feature Lexicon’s renowned aesthetic and battleship build quality.

The RV-6 is a fully featured AV Receiver delivering a healthy 100w of Class AB power into each of its seven channels, while audiophiles can rejoice at the selection of Cirrus Logic’s 24bit /192k CS42528 DAC for A/D and D/A conversion.

The latest spec HDMI2.0a with HDCP2.2 4K “Ultra HD” and 3D video capability are built-in as well as Dolby Vision compatibility.

Dirac Live room equalisation allows tailoring of the listeners’ listening/watching environment, ensuring low distortion and exceptional dynamics for both music and movies.

Both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are present, and the RV-6 has 7 HDMI inputs and three outputs with ARC to allow for multiple displays or projectors.

Harman’s proprietary Logic 7 Immersion™ up mixer allows content to envelop the listener with a rich and natural three-dimensional sound.  

According to Lexicon, Logic 7 Immersion provides a listening experience that accurately recreates the ambience of either concert hall, recording studio – it’ll even sonically place listeners in the scene with the characters, which should make horror movies an even more harrowing experience.

Rounding out the generous feature count are goodies such as Spotify Connect, Dolby Vision HDR, Ethernet, RS232, independent zone 2 video with triggers, and IR control.

The RV-6 is equipped with 7.1.4 decoding, 11.2 preamp outputs, and seven channels of amplification.

The Lexicon control app is available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store for those hoping to reduce the ever-growing population of remote controls on the coffee table.

Moving up a tier brings us to the all-new RV-9, and although the feature count is similar to the RV-6, the amplification lurking within the casework is anything but.

Lexicon has eschewed the Class AB amplifier stage as used in the RV-6 in favour of Class G, as used by Arcam and a few other manufacturers of late.

Class G amplifiers are similar in topology to AB amps, but they use multiple power supplies feeding the output stage – this improves efficiency over the more conventional Class AB types but avoids the electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects of Class D.

Lexicon explains their implementation of Class G offers greater efficiency and transparency, with less wasted heat energy than class A. It’s costly technology according to Lexicon, but the improvement in sound quality more than justifies the extra cost over the RV-6.

The RV-9 mirrors the RV-6 in features but adds independent subwoofer volume control of the sub outputs and a free Lexicon MusicLife iOS UPnP control app.

Rounding out the new Lexicon tech trio is the range heading MC-10 Immersive Sound AV processor.

Mirroring the feature set of the RV-9 with Logic 7 Immersion, Dirac Live room EQ, Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, the heavyweight MC-10 adds significant improvements in the power supply and a full set of XLR balanced output jacks for all channels.

As with the two receivers the new MC-10 has a deceptively clutter free fascia, but it is packing the very latest codec support – and has been designed to sound as good with two-channel music sources as it does with Home Theatre source material.

Of course, separating the processor from its power amplifier rules out the potential for stray field noise and hum, and the balanced outputs mean the power amp doesn’t even have to be in the same room as the processor.

Tom Davidson of Orange Road Audio who distributes Lexicon in New Zealand told us that the new range will be available in May, and will retail for - RV-6 ($7,000 RRP), RV-9 ($11,000 RRP) and MC-10 ($10,000 RRP).

For further information visit Lexicon.

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