L-Acoustics Creations and C SEED Collab Results in Maunakea Compact Luxury Home Cinema

Posted on 7th January, 2022

L-Acoustics Creations and C SEED Collab Results in Maunakea Compact Luxury Home Cinema

L-Acoustics Creations and C-SEED unveil Maunakea, a luxury home cinema for two, at CES 2022.

L-Acoustics Creations and C SEED announce their most exciting collaboration yet at CES 2022: Maunakea (pronounced MO-na-KEY-uh).

Maunakea is an integrated pairing of the L-Acoustics Creations Island Prestige (a sumptuous sonic lounge with immersive 18.1 sound) with the M1 TV by C SEED, which features MicroLED tech for its mammoth screen alongside an elegant folding design.

Apparently, Maunakea is named after a volcano in Hawaii which is the world's tallest peak (measured from its sea-floor base to summit). At the heart of the Maunakea sits L-Acoustics Creations' Island Prestige, designed to be the ultimate personal auditorium experience while promising “concert-grade audio technology and visionary interior design into your home”.

Handcrafted in the L-Acoustics ateliers in France, Island Prestige is said to deliver up to 24,000 watts. It is equipped with eighteen “professional audio speakers” and two powerful subwoofers in the round to fully surround you with high-resolution sound. Also, optional overhead speakers can be added to create a full-dome of sound.

Island Prestige integrates with media streamers to play audio from any format, be it Dolby Atmos, Blu-ray, gaming platforms, or hi-res streaming services.

In Maunakea, Island Prestige is matched by the M1 TV. The C SEED TV's modern frame animates into a sculpture-like column that silently rises from the floor and unfolds into a seamless five-panelled 165-inch screen.

The system is undoubtedly designed to be a conversation piece, whether on a hyper yacht or within a home. To that end, the system can be customised to the owner's preference through various wood finishes, fabrics, and metallic finishings. As each Maunakea is a bespoke order, pricing will probably fall into the “if you have to ask…” arena.

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