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24.10.10. You could easily mistake those numbers for being a date in 2010, but you'd be wrong. It is in fact, 34 decoded speaker channels for the Dolby Atmos home cinema demonstration that will take place exclusively at the 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show.

Krix, an Australian brand and leaders in commercial and home cinema speaker systems, has teamed up with Trinnov Audio and Barco projectors for what will be remembered as a world-first and unmissable home cinema demonstration.

In a newly created and purpose-built space within the Pullman Mercure Hotel in Albert Park, you'll be right in the middle of the action - hear bullets whizz past, dinosaurs roaring from overhead and tyres screeching through city streets in the biggest spatial audio demonstration of its type, ever.

The Krix Ballroom Cinema will include seven tri-amped dual 15” loudspeakers which will lead the charge behind the screen, while twenty-seven surround and overhead speakers will place objects and effects with pinpoint precision. Add to that ten subwoofers, including four monstrous dual 18's, and you've got immense power on tap.

Trinnov's latest product announcement, the Altitude32 16-48 with 48EXT extension module, will be delivering the unprecedented number of discretely-rendered channels and applying its world-renowned room equalisation.

Barco Wodan 4K Projector at Melbourne Hi-Fi Show 2018If that's not enough, you'll also be treated to a jaw-dropping 250” picture from the astonishing 4K Barco Wodan worth AUD $150,000 - straight from San Diego CEDIA, setting an Australian first for this level of projection in the Australian market.

What started as a small idea over coffee with Krix's founder, Scott Krix, following last year's show, grew, and then grew some more. You see, Scott is an excitable bloke, fiercely passionate about home cinema. Some might say he's getting carried away now, but the rest of the Krix staff laugh, give a knowing nod and say, “that's Scott”.

Krix Dolby Atmos 24.10.10 Demonstration Melbourne Hi-Fi Show

All we do know is you may never get an opportunity to hear a demonstration of this calibre again, so you won't want to miss this.

To secure your spot for the Krix 24.10.10 Dolby Atmos demonstation in the 32 seat cinema, you'll need to grab a plane ticket, then book via the dedicated Eventbrite page. Entry to the Krix Cinema is free with tickets to the 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show.

For more information visit Eventbrite Booking Page | Krix.

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