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Klipsch is bringing some powerful upgrades to its Reference Line speakers still designed and assembled in the iconic factory in Hope, Arkansas, USA.

The Klipsch RF-7 III loudspeakers, first unveiled in the USA earlier in 2018, expands on the Reference II version with a host of new upgrades and sound enhancements.

Kerry Geist, Klipsch Group Product Manager told StereoNET:

These speakers have earned the nickname ‘fire-breathing monsters’ for a reason. They are the best sounding audiophile speaker at this price point.


What makes Geist and, no doubt, the rest of team Klipsch so sure of themselves? Firstly, the amount of meticulous testing that went into selecting an ideal tweeter for the RF-7 III sounds painstaking.

However, this resulted in the speakers being loaded with the new 1¾-inch titanium compression driver. It boasts an enhanced phase plug geometry design that is said to improve sound pressure linearity at high frequencies.

Mated to a new Tractrix horn with a circular throat and square mouth, high-frequency response and extension are also said to be further improved, along with an enhanced soundstage imaging and overall dynamics.

Further improvements include the compressed moulded rubber construction of the horn with high-frequency damping that should reduce harshness and improve detail.

The woofers are the company’s 10-inch Cerametallic woofers. Klipsch saud these possess exceptional rigidity with a lightweight construction for minimal cone breakup and distortion. When paired with the Tractrix horn-loaded compression driver, it provides speaker efficiency of “the highest in its class”.

Additionally, each 10-inch woofer features a heavy-duty cast aluminium frame while the woofer's dual shorting-ring magnet structure is designed to eliminate modulation of the magnetic flux, to aid in the linearity of cone movement.

All of that is wrapped in an elegant, room-friendly cabinet. Internally, this is bifurcated, allowing each 10-inch driver and port to work independently from the other.

Cabinet finishes include furniture-grade wood veneers available in Black Ash, Natural Cherry or Walnut finish. The speaker’s slanted riser base enhances the appearance but also aims to direct the sound to a typical listening position. Magnetic grilles complement the premium design experience.

Available in New Zealand now, the Klipsch RF-7 III sells for $6,999 RRP (pair).

For the ultimate home cinema solution, Klipsch has announced the availability of its RC- 64 III centre channel speaker.

Packing four 6.5-inch Cerametallic woofers, and made with the same features and benefits of the RF-7 III, the RC-64 III also features the same 1¾-inch titanium compression driver tweeter and Tractrix horn as the matching floorstanders.

Finished to the same high standard as the RF-7 III, the RC-64 III would make an excellent addition to those wanting the added benefit of home cinema performance.

The Klipsch RC-64 III is available now in Black Ash, Natural Cherry or Walnut finish and sells for $2,999 RRP (each).

For more information visit Klipsch.

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