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Talk about audio history. Most audiophiles know Paul Klipsch as the inspiration behind Klipsch horn-loaded loudspeakers the calibre of the mighty La Scala model.

What isn’t well known is Klipsch’s pioneering work designing better headphones.

Way back in 1919, well before the conception of his legendary loudspeakers, Klipsch set to work experimenting with a pair of headphones he ingeniously modified for stereo.

An amazing development for the time and it predated British engineer Blumlein’s work in the 1930s at EMI. Blumlein patented stereo records, stereo films, and also surround sound.

Commercially measured, 'stereo' captured the public imagination with the arrival of a horde of brands that manufactured hi-fi systems and components.

Klipsch’s stereo headphone predates later developments by decades.

To honour these achievements, the folk at Klipsch beavered away to design and produce a headphone worthy of the Klipsch Heritage name.

The resulting product is the new flagship Heritage HP-3 headphone, a model that is meticulously hand built using what Klipsch insists are the finest and most functional contrasting materials.

These comprise die-cast steel, hand-sanded and polished wood, premium grade leathers and machined aluminium.

The HP-3 has solid-wood, and triple vented ear cups said to add natural warmth and character. Angled sheepskin earpads provide perfect stylistic depth, and these will distress naturally with age giving the HP-3 a vintage look and feel.

Klipsch also gives the HP-3 a genuine hand stitched cowhide headband that adds quality, strength and becomes pliable with age.

The final touch to showcase the craftsmanship used to build the HP-3 is a visible nuts and bolt construction and hints that these headphones are built to last forever.

Vlad Grodzinskiy, Senior Manager of Product development for Klipsch group, is understandably proud of the new HP-3, telling StereoNET:

After two years behind the curtain, we are finally ready to reveal a headphone worthy of the Heritage name. Acoustically, mechanically and physically this is the most impressive headphone Klipsch has ever created.

The HP-3’s design follows the Klipsch preference for high efficiency, low distortion and full range sound.

The semi-open design creates accurate, natural sound and refined bass, says Klipsch.

The HP-3 carries a recessed pair of free-edge 52mm biodynamic drivers said to be able to create an expansive soundstage and mimic the very characteristics of legendary Klipsch Heritage speakers.

Selling for $1,999 RRP, the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 is available now in three solid-wood finishes including walnut, ebony and oak.

For more information visit Klipsch.


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