Innuos Premieres ZEN NG & ZENith NG: High End Munich 2024

Posted on 8th May, 2024

Innuos Premieres ZEN NG & ZENith NG: High End Munich 2024

Innuos unveils its Sense 3-powered ZEN NG and ZENith NG music servers and streamers at High End Munich 2024.

Joining the award-winning ZEN Series, Innuos announces the ZEN NG and ZENith NG, powered by the latest InnuOS, Sense 3.

Innuos ZEN NG Munich 2024

Innuos says Sense 3 is based on a custom Real-time OS Kernel for ultra-low latency and includes AudioCore technology to ensure audio-related processes are run without interruptions, resulting in audible improvements in sound.  

The updated software also brings TIDAL Connect, a new music library and playlist management tools, support for external USB optical drives with drive-head alignment for accurate ripping, and UI improvements. 

The brand says the new ZEN series models draw upon the finest trickled-down elements of STATEMENT NG while introducing several innovations. This results in a dramatic step forward in performance and versatility, complementing the successful Mk3 generation.   

Nuno Vitorino, Innuos Co-founder and R&D Director, told StereoNET:

The new ZEN NG and ZENith NG introduce our new electronics and software platform with innovations such as the PreciseAudio mainboard, NGaN regulation module, and Sense 3. These result from almost three years of intense Research and Development, offering the most dramatic step forward in sound realism and versatility we've ever made in three generations of ZEN Music Servers.

The PreciseAudio mainboard has apparently been extensively customised and tuned for low processor latency and minimising operating power noise. It's powered by the new Innuos NGaN regulation module. While maintaining ultra-low noise levels, this module is also said to significantly reduce power supply impedance and heat inside the case. 

Other features include the new Expandable Storage Management System (XSM), which supports up to 16TB of seamless internal storage, and upgradeable Digital Output Modules such as the PhoenixUSB Lite. 

Both ZEN NG and ZENith NG are enclosed in a high-precision 10mm thick CNC-machined aluminium chassis, bead-blasted and anodised in either silver or black. ZEN NG features an improved NGaN-regulated RECAP2 Power Supply, a processor with 4 physical + 4 virtual cores paired with 16GB of low-noise industrial-grade DDR4 RAM, and a 3D TLC SSD for Sense 3.

Innuos ZENith NG Munich 2024

ZENith NG further elevates audio and processing performance with an NGaN-regulated ARC6 power supply with active rectification, over 130000uF of Mundorf capacitors, and an 8-physical-core processor for AudioCore. 

This is complemented by the use of a pSLC SSD for Sense 3, ensuring ultra-low noise operation and extended durability. 

The recommended retail price for ZEN NG is US$12,000, while the ZENith NG starts from US$18,900. Both while be available in Q3, 2024. Sense 3 will be released as an update at the same time to all ZEN Mk3 Series, PULSE series, and STATEMENT.

Following Innuos' philosophy to provide upgrade paths whenever possible, the new ZEN NG is upgradeable to a ZENith NG.


Find Innous at Atrium 4.1 - F106 where you can experience the Innuos PhoenixNET audiophile-grade network switch connected to a ZENith NG, which visitors can A/B against the ZENith Mk3. A Nagra HD DAC X paired with a Gryphon Commander pre-amplifier and Apex Stereo power amplifier will drive a pair of the newly released Kroma Irya speakers, which also premieres at this show. Power conditioning will be handled by 2x STROMTANK S 2500 Quantum MK-II, and Transparent cables will provide connections – all hosted inside an Artesania Exoteryc Pro Rack audio rack.

Visit Innuos for more information

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