Grado GW100x Open-Backed Headphones Released

Posted on 17th November, 2022

Grado GW100x Open-Backed Headphones Released

Grado looks to improve on its open-backed wireless headphones with the GW100X.

Grado released the first wireless open-backed headphones in 2018 with the GW100, and the GW100X follows up on this with the promise of new drivers, more up-to-the-minute Bluetooth tech and better battery stamina.

Grado GW100x wireless

Grado's GW100x comes loaded with the personal audio maestro's 44mm fourth-generation X series drivers. These are said to have a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. This apparently combines to make the drivers more efficient while also reducing distortion.

Further tweaks have been implemented regarding the speaker housings and internals which, we're told, have been redesigned, resulting in reduced sound leakage by up to 60 percent compared to Grado's wired offerings.

Grado GW100x wireless

Four years is a long time in tech, so an update to Bluetooth 5.2 for the GW100x will be much appreciated. This hands the wireless cans greater wireless range and a more reliable and stable connection. They also support aptX Adaptive alongside your standard AAC and SBC codecs. 

Additionally, the GW100x also get a feature called “enhanced pairing”, which “lets you switch between two devices more efficiently”, making it easier to flick between devices that have been previously paired.

Grado GW100x wireless

The headphones' battery life is perhaps the most welcomed upgrade, thanks at least partly to the inclusion of the low-energy Bluetooth tech. Where the GW100 had an admittedly below-par 15 hours of play time, the GW100x makes the leap to lasting an impressive 46 hours in exchange for two hours charge before you need to start searching for a power outlet. However, if you do find yourself chargeless, you can always use the 3.5mm headphone socket and bundled cable for wired listening.

Grado GW100x wireless

Rounding off the GW100x's features is a mic for voice calls, on-earcup controls and the ability to control them from your mobile device.

The Grado GW100x are available now for US$275.

Visit Grado for more information

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