Exposure Electronics 3510 CD Player Released

Posted on 3rd March, 2024

Exposure Electronics 3510 CD Player Released

Exposure Electronics follows its 360 Turntable with the 3510 CD player, showing continued support for physical media.

Exposure Electronics has announced its 3510 CD player, the final member of the 3510 family of hi-fi products, as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. With CD sales last year almost at the same as their 2001 peak, it makes total sense to cater to the silver disc lovers out there.

Exposure 3510 CD Player

The new 3510 CD player benefits from a dual mono PCM1704 24-bit DAC promising “high resolution and separation” while optimised audio output circuitry offers “multiple stages of supply regulation”. Under the hood, you will also find a high-stability crystal clock reference alongside a dedicated power supply regulator to the transport and audio stages, the upshot being the mitigation of sonic jitter during playback.

Exposure 3510 CD Player

All this tech is wrapped up in an aluminium case and extruded front panel, which should “control unwanted resonance and electromagnetic fields”, says Exposure. There's a supplied remote control as standard, while the CD display can be switched off using the remote control that the brand tells us results in “enhanced sound quality”.

Exposure 3510 CD Player

The CD 3510 offers SP/DIF, coaxial and Toslink outputs, allowing you to run it as a CD transport if you have a preferred DAC. If not, the analogue stereo RCAs are ready to connect with your integrated or pre-amplifier.

Exposure 3510 CD Player

Naturally, Exposure nods you towards their 3510 models (the integrated being an Applause Award winner) and flagship 5010 pre-amp.

The Exposure 3510 CD player is available in black or titanium finish options and is priced at around US$3,000.

Visit Exposure for more information

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