Estelon Upgrades Flagship Extreme Loudspeaker

Posted on 17th December, 2021

Estelon Upgrades Flagship Extreme Loudspeaker

Estelon's upgraded Extreme flagship loudspeaker features new Accuton drivers and crossover components wrapped up in stunning two-tone finishes.

Estelon's Extreme Mk II follows the updated Classics series and the limited Anniversary Edition of the Forza loudspeaker.

The second-generation Extreme features a new Accuton 168 mm (7-inch) ceramic membrane midrange driver boasting the manufacturer's CELL technology. This is partnered with an equally fresh 25 mm (1-inch) diamond membrane tweeter from the same company, which, we are told, is capable of going up to 60 kHz distortion-free.

Estelon Extreme Mk II

Estelon states that the Extreme Mk II's crossover has also been upgraded with new and improved inductors, capacitors, and resistors, all utilising the Estonian company's proprietary direct connection techniques for “the purest and most revealing performance possible”.

Linking everything together within the two-meter tall, two-module cabinet is top-of-the-line Kubala-Sosna pure copper internal cabling.

Estelon Extreme Mk II

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That neat two-part design enables height adjustment of the upper part and the depth of the tweeter helping you achieve optimal performance of the Extreme Mk II in any room. Furthermore, it isolates the upper drivers from vibration created by the woofers; therefore, the sound remains clear and free of colouration, says Estelon.

Additionally, the Extreme Mk II sees the introduction of Estelon's custom-designed direct coupling terminal connectors, boasting that they bring “the audio quality to a previously unattained level of performance with a more open sound and heightened nuances”.

The company adds that all unnecessary metal-to-metal transitions have been eliminated, and there are no large conductors that would typically allow for the degrading effects of circulating currents. The Estelon proprietary connectors accept banana, spade, or bare wire termination.

Estelon Extreme Mk II

Finally, the Estelon Extreme Mk II has an RRP of €198,000 and its proprietary marble-based composite cabinet is available in a range of two-tone, ultra-premium high-gloss finishes including, Midnight Opera, Bronze Royale, Lunar Eclipse, and Nordic Emerald.

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