Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition Loudspeakers Announced

Posted on 17th December, 2020

Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition Loudspeakers Announced

Following its 10th anniversary upgraded Classic line, Estelon has announced an extremely limited edition of its Forza.

The Estelon Forza Anniversary Edition will be limited to just ten pairs, signifying the brand's 10th anniversary.

Estelon Forza 10th Anniversary Edition

The Forza loudspeaker was launched last year and features technologies trickled-down from the flagship Extreme. The Anniversary Edition sports Black Pearl Gloss and Gold accents highlighting its elegant curves, presenting a truly luxurious finish. You also get their designer, Alfred Vassilkov's signature on the rear connector panel.

Estelon Forza 10th Anniversary Edition

Aside from the fancy paintwork, the Estelon Forza is a 4-way design with a pair of custom-made 250 mm aluminium-sandwich woofers, a 190 mm aluminum-sandwich mid-woofer, a 168 mm ceramic membrane midrange driver, and a 25 mm diamond tweeter, designed and produced by the premium driver manufacturer, Accuton. This all adds up to a quoted frequency response of 25Hz-60kHz.

Estelon Forza 10th Anniversary Edition

The Forza's unique shape is said to eliminate the effects of reflective diffraction, while the frequency characteristics of the dispersion remain straight and linear not only in front of the loudspeaker but also at various angles. Additionally, the 150 kg weight of each speaker gives both reactive and dynamic stability, We're told that this supports the acceleration and transient attack from the driver membranes and provides increased dynamics and micro-dynamic details in the sound.

Estelon Forza 10th Anniversary Edition

The standard Estelon Forza retails for around €110,000, so you will probably need to add a bit to that. If you do fancy one of the ten pairs of the Forza Anniversary Edition, we are told to recommend that you get in touch with your local dealer/distributor.

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