Estelon Announces Next-Gen X Centro Mk II Centre-Channel Speakers

Posted on 7th April, 2022

Estelon Announces Next-Gen X Centro Mk II Centre-Channel Speakers

Estelon's high-end centre channel speakers have been upgraded to next-gen status with the X Centro Mk II and X Centro Diamond Mk II.

The X Centro Mk II from Estelon promises “unparalleled sound performance” in its duty as a centre channel loudspeaker within a high-end home cinema or multichannel music system. Furthermore, the X Centro Mk II takes its design from the Estonian company's XC offering. You have a couple of models to choose from, with the X Centro Mk II offering a ceramic inverted dome tweeter. Meanwhile, the aptly-named X Centro Diamond Mk II boasts a diamond tweeter.

Estelon X Centro Mk II

As with all X Series models, it uses high-quality drivers designed and produced by the highly regarded German driver manufacturer Accuton which is one of the best driver manufacturers in the world right now.

Estelon X Centro Mk II

Estelon says that the ceramic 25 mm (1-inch) inverted dome alpha corundum tweeter keeps the distortion exceptionally low, with the first break-up modes pushed out of the audible range. Opt for the diamond 25 mm (1-inch) chemical vapour-deposited “diamond membrane” tweeter, and you are promised a driver that can reproduce sounds up to the highest frequencies for human hearing range distortion-free.

We are told that the two 158 mm (7-inch) ceramic mid-woofers produce an immaculate impulse response with extraordinarily low total harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion.

Estelon X Centro Mk II

The result is that X Centro has a claimed frequency response of 45 Hz-30 kHz, while the Diamond version takes that to 45 Hz-60 kHz. Both versions have a stated 91 dB/2.83 V sensitivity and 150 Watt power handling capability.

All internal wiring is taken care of by Kubala-Sonsa, and the X Centro Mk II benefits from a revised crossover, featuring new and improved resistors and capacitors that offer a wider dynamic range and greater transparency, says the manufacturer. Additionally, we're informed that all filter components are point-to-point connected, hand-soldered with high-quality silver solder while using the shortest possible cable runs between drivers, crossover and binding posts.

Estelon X Centro Mk II

The 48 kg X Centro Mk II sits on an integrated stand featuring a milled thick billet aluminium base attached to a sleek aluminium tube that secures the speaker.

The Estelon X Centro Mk II range is available now, with the ceramic tweetered version costing US$18,000, and the X Centro Diamond Mk II is priced at US$27,000.

Visit Estelon for more information

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