EPOS ES-14N Loudspeaker Debut Planned For Munich 2022

Posted on 12th April, 2022

EPOS ES-14N Loudspeaker Debut Planned For Munich 2022

The EPOS ES-14N, the first EPOS loudspeakers following Karl-Heinz Fink's purchase of the brand in 2020, will debut at Munich High End 2022.

The EPOS ES-14N loudspeaker is the first model to be announced since the purchase of EPOS by FinkTeam from Michael Creek. The brand has retained a loyal following thanks to the designs of Robin Marshall, who founded EPOS in 1983. Marshall made a reputation for making speakers differently from what was defined as the 'British way' by the famous BBC influenced constructions.


Karl-Heinz Fink told StereoNET:

Honestly speaking, I was not really excited to follow some rules that were used in the 1980s. That was when I started my journey in HiFi, and hey, I think I learned something in the last 35 years that I wanted to use! 

Karl-Heinz adds:

I found an interview with Robin Marshall, made many years after he sold the brand and moved on. Not only did he walk away from loudspeaker development, but he also said clearly that he did the speakers based on the ideas and know-how he had at that time - not more and not less. That sounded like my way…..trying to stretch boundaries and not copying the past. 


For the resurrection of EPOS, it makes sense to re-create its most famous model, the ES-14. The venerable 2-way stand-mounted speaker sported a fairly big cabinet, and so it appears the all-new ES-14N, at least aesthetically, shares much of the same DNA.

The launch of the EPOS ES-14N is set to take place at this year's High End Show in Munich, May 19th to 22nd. Visitors will find the EPOS booth at A4.1 E121. 

Stay tuned for more details of the new speaker around May 19th, when we will certainly be sharing all we can with you.

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