Elipson Heritage XLS11 Three-Way Loudspeaker Released

Posted on 17th July, 2022

Elipson Heritage XLS11 Three-Way Loudspeaker Released

Elipson Audio announces the availability of its latest Heritage line speakers, the XLS11.

Elipson's XLS11 made its debut at the High End Show in Munich, and the retro-styled three-way bass reflex loudspeaker is now available.

Elipson XLS11

The XLS11 joins its larger sibling, the XLS15, to create a duo of speakers reflecting today's hunger for contemporary technology wrapped in vintage-styled design.

Elipson XLS11

The XLS11 takes the lessons learned from the XLS15 and combines them with a more compact form factor to give further flexibility when integrating the speakers into the home. Featuring a brand new 2.2-inch domed drive unit for the midrange, with a 0.87-inch silk dome tweeter derived from Elipson's famous flagship Prestige taking care of the highs, the driver contingent is rounded off by a new 8-inch evolution of the XLS15's 12-inch woofer. The latter is further augmented by a flared front-firing port tuned at 37 Hz. Crossovers apparently are staged at 850 and 5000 Hz.

Elipson XLS11

The XLS11, like the XLS15, has the added flexibility of fine adjustment dials on the front of the speaker, enabling you to tune the amplitude of mid and high frequencies by + or – 2dB, making it easier to match the speakers with your room. Overall, frequency response (土3dB) is stated as 45-25 000 Hz, with 90 dB / 1W / 1m sensitivity and 6 Ohms nominal impedance (min 3.4 Ohms @2600 Hz).

Elipson XLS11

Finally, a dedicated stand designed to position the speaker at the optimal height and angle to give perfect acoustic phasing is available at an additional cost.

The XLS11 speakers are designed and engineered in Burgundy and are available now priced at €1,699 per pair. The optional stands cost €299 per pair.

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