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Acclaimed German Hi-Fi manufacturer, ELAC, has appointed Sound Group as its New Zealand distributors.

A company with a long and proud history, present-day ELAC was founded in 1923 as Electroacoustic GMBH and back in those days the company specialised in the development of sonar technology and the research of signal and sound channels in air and water.

ELAC celebrated its 90th year of operation in 2016 and those 90 years have seen the company grow and innovate in equal measures.

The passion for sound combined with an equal passion for music let the brand to release their first consumer audio product – the PW1 Record player, in 1948.

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The 1970’s and 1980’s were halcyon days for the record player: every serious music lover had a high-quality turntable, and the fortunate few owned an ELAC, the keystone of the finest Hi-Fi systems.

By 1984 ELAC began designing loudspeakers in partnership with AXIOM Electroacoustik Speaker Specialists. A year later ELAC introduced the 4Pi omnidirectional tweeter with an extended frequency response combined with broad dispersion, preceding the extended FR loudspeakers we see today with the advent of Hi-Res recordings and SACD.

This release propelled ELAC into the league of the extraordinary loudspeaker high-end, and according to ELAC they, “turned the listening world on its collective ear.”

1993 saw ELAC develop perhaps its most famous technology, the JET folded-ribbon tweeter. Boasting an extended frequency response (up to 35kHz), the tweeter proved that a driver with a response above that of the limit of human hearing sounds better over its entire range. The JET has been further refined and improved over time and is still featured in both home and automotive applications.

More recently, legendary designer Andrew Jones has joined ELAC, and he has been busy designing the award-winning Debut, the UniFi and Adante ranges.

His exploits at KEF and TAD are undoubtedly legendary, particularly with the humble Pioneer SP-BS22-LR bookshelves that created a storm of acclaim upon their release.

ELAC's current range has the very well-reviewed entry-level series, Debut, and goes all the way up to the mighty Concentro loudspeaker at $120k, with many superb offerings in between.

Some of the other ELAC series include Sub/Sat packages, In-Wall, On-Wall and In-Ceiling models, an incredible Roon-based Music Server (reviewed here), and of course a small range of high-quality turntables.

Tony Chandler of Sound Group told StereoNET NZ that a small shipment of product is currently on-hand, and more stock will be arriving in May/June. Expect to see ELAC appearing in retail showrooms shortly after these dates.

For further information visit ELAC.

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