Eclipse Preparing New Loudspeakers for 2022

Posted on 6th April, 2022

Eclipse Preparing New Loudspeakers for 2022

Eclipse announces the retirement of its flagship TD712zMK2, making room for a new top-flight model in the future.

We like how Eclipse does things as “you have to congratulate it for being uncompromising in a sea of groupthink and risk-aversion”, as our very own David Price puts it. Indeed, their focus on time-domain (TD) certainly warrants the plentitude of plaudits.

Eclipse TD712zMK2

The 13-year-old Eclipse TD712zMK2 abdicates without a proper heir due to COVID-19-related slowdowns and schedule disruptions.

While it is sad to read about the early retirement of the TD712zMK2, we are told that the firm's Kobe-based factory is “actively working on an exciting new flagship”.

This means that the TD510zMK2 shuffles in as Regent becoming the brand's interim flagship, and it is remarkable in its own right, as you can read in our review.

Eclipse TD712zMK2

Even better is the news that we can expect more in the pipeline as this year “promises to be an exciting year… with new launch activity at the entry-level set to break an extensive seven-year R&D period”, with an official statement adding Eclipse will “deliver some of its best-performing models in the near future”.

We think it is a safe bet that the new models will continue in the Eclipse tradition of sporting the iconic ovoid outer shell with a carefully anchored and mounted wide-frequency single-driver. However, our interest is certainly piqued as to what new developments and technologies will be employed after such a period of R&D. You can rest assured that, as soon as we have something more to share with you from Eclipse, it will be found here.

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