DS Audio Shares Optical Cartridge Tech

Posted on 27th February, 2021

DS Audio Shares Optical Cartridge Tech

DS Audio has been treading its own path with its optical phono cartridges since 2013. Today it was announced that the company is blazing another unusual trail by releasing details of its unique technology so that others can join the optical audio market.

Japanese company DS Audio has proved once again that it doesn't follow common knowledge. When most companies have something unique, they will typically patent it or, at the very least, try to keep the competition at bay for as long as possible. However, instead, DS Audio has now published its circuit diagrams.

DS Audio believes in the advantages that its optical phono cartridge tech offers, and CEO and chief designer Tetsuaki Aoyagi would like to see its benefits incorporated into many more high-end audio systems.

DS Audio circuit diagram

Tetsuaki Aoyagi told StereoNET:

My goal is that optical cartridges move from being unique to popular.

DS Audio optical cartridge circuit diagrams released

Currently, DS Audio's optical cartridges require their own equaliser/ phono stage since the technology differs from that needed for a traditional MM or MC cartridge. However, Tetsuaki Aoyagi hopes that high-end electronics manufacturers will begin to build optical cartridge-friendly tech into their phono stage and amplifier designs.

Any manufacturer considering designing a phono stage compatible with optical cartridges is invited to contact DS Audio, who will review the proposed design and answer questions with no license or consultancy fee. Circuit diagrams and samples of the finished product can then be sent to DS Audio for final checking. The details of the product will then be published on their website as compatible with DS Audio cartridges.

Visit DS Audio for more information

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