Devialet’s Gemini True Wireless Earbuds Now Available in Asia

Posted on 3rd June, 2021

Devialet’s Gemini True Wireless Earbuds Now Available in Asia

Devialet, best known for its space-age loudspeakers and state-of-the-art tech when it comes to amplifiers, has turned its hand to headphones with its first portable product now available in Asia.

Devialet Gemini sees the French company draw upon its ingenuity and expertise to bring its signature sound and first-rate audio technologies to a portable product, “giving listeners the chance to enjoy incredible sound wherever they are.”

This new release is said to offer “outstanding clarity of sound, cutting-edge adaptability and market-leading Devialet Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology”. The company also says its new design is protected by three new patents PBA® (Pressure Balance Architecture), IDC® (Internal Delay Compensation), and EAM® (Ear Active Matching).

Franck Lebouchard, Devialet's CEO, said:

At Devialet, we create extraordinary products that deliver an unprecedented sound experience. We've pursued our vision of redefining the place of sound in people's lives through our amplifiers and speakers, and Devialet Gemini - our first portable product-brings us closer to our goal.

Devialet Gemini's Pressure Balance Architecture (PBA®) utilises cascading decompression chambers inside the product which ensures the ideal inner pressure, at all times, without impairing noise attenuation. Each chamber is coated with a custom acoustic mesh to stop external noise from entering the system.

Each earbud features two separate microphones for ANC, while one dedicated microphone in each earbud is said to enhance voice transmission. Gemini offers three levels of ANC and two levels of ambient sound. Housed inside each earbud is a high excursion and low distortion 10mm Devialet driver. 

Much like Devialet's renowned SAM processing, Gemini features Ear Active Matching (EAM) technology adjusts the audio signal frequency in real-time, “intelligently adapting Gemini's sound for an optimal listening experience”. Devialet's EAM algorithm measures the shape of the listener's ear as well as the position of the earphones inside the ear canal, tailoring the signal up to 10,000 times per second to instantly adapt its equalisation. This is said to “enhance bass restitution and audio performance seamlessly for a sound that fits every moment”.

From the Devialet Gemini app (iOS and Google Play) offers users the change to tailor their sound preference with expert features and a 6-band equaliser. There's also an all-in-one touch button with capacitive sensors on the earbuds to control everything from music playback to noise-cancelling modes and voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant) support. Devialet has employed the Qualcomm® aptX codec for Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Battery life is reported at over 24 hours of untethered play time, over 8 hours of battery life (or 6 hours with ANC activated) from a single charge. A further 3.5 full charges are stored in the compact charging case that features Wireless Qi charging or via the included USB-C cable.

Devialet Gemini is available now for US$299 | S$459. It will be sold at Devialet stores, authorised dealers, as well as the Devialet website.

For more information visit Devialet

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