Denon GC Series Headphones add AptX HD Bluetooth

Posted on 15th March, 2019

Denon GC Series Headphones add AptX HD Bluetooth

The new Denon GC headphone line-up combines advanced audio design, aptX HD Bluetooth and three-mode Active Noise Cancelling technology.

Denon as let us know about its new GC headphone series.

Denon GC headphones

The new Denon GC series draws upon the advanced FreeEdge driver technology of the award-winning flagship AH-D9200 headphones. That fact alone promises the Denon GC30 and GC25NC will deliver a truly immersive listening experience.

The new range includes models with aptX HD Bluetooth and state of the art multimode Active Noise Cancelling. Additionally, the headphones sport the option of a USB connection to a PC for the best possible audio.

Denon GC Series ANC and aptX HD Headphones

The Denon GC series currently consists of three models: the AH-GC30, with both Active Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth; the wired AH-GC25NC with Active Noise Cancelling; and the Bluetooth AH-GC25W.

The AH-GC30 and AH-GC25NC use Denon's proprietary FreeEdge driver technology, that uses ‘floating' diaphragms to create a sound with reduced resonance and more accurate pistonic motion. The upshot is headphones that deliver all the dynamics and nuances of the music. Furthermore, the cans are acoustically tuned by the Denon sound master to provide incredible musical fidelity and enhanced detail of high-resolution audio. Plus, movies come to life with powerful bass and clear dialogue.

Denon GC headphones

The aptX HD Bluetooth of the AH-GC30 and AH-GC25W allows ‘better than CD' hi-res music to be transmitted wirelessly to the headphones from compatible devices. When you're sat at your computer, you can plug in directly via USB.

Newly-developed for the AH-GC30 and AH-GC25NC, Denon's latest-generation Active Noise Cancelling uses multiple microphones to analyse and compensate for ambient noise, with three modes available for optimal noise exclusion whether travelling on a plane or train, listening out in the street while walking, or concentrating on your work in the office.

Active Noise Cancelling utilises four microphones on the inside and outside of the headphones combined with advanced digital signal processing. Moreover, the three modes allow you to adjust to your environment. ‘City' mode eliminates the typical noise you experience in crowded public spaces, while ‘Office' mode is tuned to work quietly in your workspace. The ‘Flight' mode is tuned to eliminate the constant intrusive noise from an aircraft's engines.

Denon GC headphones

The Noise Cancelling system also features an ‘Ambient Monitor': with a simple tap on one of the earcups, the built-in microphones allow you to hear the ambient sound - meaning you can easily listen to the flight attendant or your office colleagues without removing the headphones.

Additionally, the Bluetooth models sport two more microphones with eighth-generation noise suppression for calling and receiving calls on the go with excellent voice clarity. The wired AH-GC25NC model gets an in-line mic.

Denon GC headphones

All three models focus on comfort and convenience.

Firstly, the ergonomic memory foam ear-pads are covered in high-quality synthetic leather.

Denon GC headphones

Secondly, the built-in batteries will give you up to 20 hours from a full charge when using both Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth, or 25 hours when using Noise Cancelling alone.   

The AH-GC30 will be available from March 2019, the AH-GC25NC will be available in April, and the AH-GC25W in May.

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