Cyrus HARK III XR Series Rack Announced

Posted on 27th June, 2021

Cyrus HARK III XR Series Rack Announced

Cyrus has announced its new HARK III rack system, designed for their XR Series of components.

The Cyrus HARK III rack system is here to protect, cosset and display the XR series of amplifiers, preamps, CD players and more.

Cyrus HARK III Rack

In typically Cyrus fashion, the HARK III rack is a sleek, vertical stand and features fully adjustable shelf heights, allowing multiple product configurations. It comes with four shelving units but can accommodate up to 8 shelves per rack, using additional pairs of shelves that are available separately.

Cyrus HARK III Rack

The Cyrus HARK III measures 960x450x370mm (HxWxD) and weighs in at 18kg in its four-shelf formation.

We are told that Cyrus has employed an all-new synthetic material designed to suppress and absorb micro-vibrations transmitted through the rack during the HARK III's development. The name of this new wonder material is, of course, Cyruthane. The Huntingdon-based audio specialist tells us that Cyruthane is applied to each shelf and provides industry-leading mechanical isolation.

Cyrus HARK III Rack

As all hi-fi fans will attest, the trickiest part of making your system look its best is figuring out what to do with all the cables and power blocks. Thankfully, Cyrus has you covered here, too, as the HARK III has an in-built cable and power block management system.

Moreover, this clever management aperture is large enough to accommodate a linear 8 gang power strip and even chunky after-market cable options. Furthermore, and perhaps even better, it is apparently easily accessible from the front, meaning no scrabbling behind the unit!

Cyrus HARK III Rack

Simon Freethy, managing director of Cyrus, told StereoNET:

Generations of Cyrus customers have sought to mount their prized components on our line of HARK racks. These not only provide a rigid, vibration-free environment to improve the sound, they are visually stunning, complementing the finish of Cyrus products. HARK III is a substantial step forward, both in functionality and aesthetics, of the Cyrus HARK lineage.

The Cyrus Hark III system is available now in black or silver, priced at £999 (estimated around US$1,380) with packs of two additional shelves costing £150 (estimated around US$200).

Visit Cyrus for more information 

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