Cary Audio DMS-700 Now Roon Ready

Posted on 21st March, 2021

Cary Audio DMS-700 Now Roon Ready

The DMS-700 by Cary Audio is now Roon Ready.

Cary Audio's DMS-700 network audio player joins its AiOS, and DMS-500, 550, and 600 in achieving Roon Ready status, meaning that it will discover and connect to Roon so you can enjoy a rich and seamless streaming experience.

As well as connecting to Roon without any configuration, being Roon Ready also means that bit-perfect audio is delivered from Roon to your network player.

The DMS-700 uses AKM’s AK4499EQ DAC that uses a switched resistor architecture with current output. We're told that the switched resistor architecture can sound much more analogue-like while revealing copious amounts of detail, as well as retaining a very natural, smooth, and musical response. Additionally, Cary has incorporated an FPGA chip that works in conjunction with the switched resistor DAC. The manufacturer states that this results in an extraordinarily coherent and smooth sound.

All of that is matched with an in-house analogue stage coupled to massive power supplies for both the digital and analogue stages.

As well as its new Roon skills, the Cary DMS-700 features native playback of DSD512, PCM 32/768, MQA 16x full decoder, TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify and Spotify Connect, and vTuner.

You also get a trio of USB-A, and an SD Card input with built-in NAS Drive capability. There's also a pair of Coaxial, as well as Optical and AES/EBU inputs. Digital outputs include Coaxial and Optical capable of DSD and PCM 384kHz output. Multisource back and forth playback from all network, internet, USB & SD input sources without playback interruption.

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