Cambridge Audio Streamers Gain TIDAL Connect

Posted on 23rd March, 2021

Cambridge Audio Streamers Gain TIDAL Connect

Cambridge Audio firmware update adds TIDAL Connect tech to its range of network audio streamers. 

Cambridge Audio's addition of TIDAL Connect to its streaming products is based on over fifty years of experience and knowledge that people consume music in various ways and like to have options.

Following the announcement of Roon integration this time last year, TIDAL Connect has now joined the wealth of options already available to the company's much-loved range of audio network streamers. This means that you can now directly control music playback on Cambridge Audio streamers using the TIDAL iOS and Android app.

TIDAL Connect support is available on Cambridge Audio's current line-up of streamers based on the StreamMagic streaming platform. Furthermore, Cambridge Audio has included its older network players in this update so that owners of products such as CXN (V1), StreamMagic 6 (V2) and CXR120/CXR200 models also get to benefit from this option.

Tony Stott, Head of Product Marketing, Cambridge Audio, told StereoNET:

StreamMagic is award-winning, critically acclaimed, and one of the most successful streaming platforms in recent audio history. A dedicated team of engineers have spent the last 11 years constantly refining and upgrading its capabilities. The majority of those engineers were around at the launch of our first network player. They've learnt a lot along the way, which in turn can only benefit our listeners. We're currently working on our 4th generation module, but, wherever possible, we continue to support and upgrade our older network players long after their on-shelf life has ended.

A firmware update for TIDAL Connect support is now available on the following Cambridge Audio streamers: 

  • Edge NQ 
  • CXN (V2)
  • 851N
  • CXN (V1)
  • StreamMagic 6 (V2)

The CXR120 and CXR 200 will receive the TIDAL Connect firmware update on April 7th 2021.

StereoNET Says…

Streaming looks to be here to stay, so it makes sense for networked players to keep up with new services and options when they are available. It is also great to see companies such as Cambridge Audio not ignoring models that are no longer available for retail in their updates. This not only adds to the longevity of its products but continuing to support its customers long after they've bought their components can only strengthen brand loyalty.


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