Posted on 15th June, 2018


In a world populated by components that look like they’ve been on steroids, Melbourne's Burson Audio and its designs stand out by their very compact footprints.

But while the brand’s latest Fun Class A head amp/preamp and Bang Class AB stereo power amplifier might be compact, they’re big where it counts.

Both have classy circuits, are beautifully built and are said to sound divine. Either is a serious bit of kit for what’s really very little money.

The Fun preamp that sells in New Zealand for just $479 for the Basic version is powered by the radically new Burson Max Current Power Supply.

Internally, construction is dual mono and the housekeeping throughout is superb with board and cables placed where they should be to minimise noise.

Parts quality is particularly noteworthy and includes ELNA Aluminium Electrolytic, Vishay Professional MELF resistors with a 1% tolerance and an ALPS volume pot.

Fun also carries a microphone input. Its size is just 210mm x 145mm x 45mm.

The Bang stereo amp’s pricing in New Zealand starts at $839.

Construction is dual mono and the output rating is 40 watts into 4ohms. Burson Audio says its Bang is the smallest dual mono Class AB Power amp in the world. Exact dimensions are 210mm x 145mm x 45mm.

Bang may be small, but Burson says it packs a punch thanks to its use of four sets of Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) developed in-house.   

Given its small form factor, it’s easy to mistake Bang for a Class D amplifier. You’d be incorrect.

Burson Audio openly says it dislikes Class-D amps and says the way they link to no-ic-opamps, Class D amplification introduces unnecessary processing to your audio signal resulting in terrible audio performance. Accordingly, Bang is a Class AB purist.

The Fun preamp and Bang power amp are available to order now, and they will start shipping from the middle of June 2018.

For more information visit Burson Audio.

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