Posted on 20th February, 2018


Beyerdynamic prides itself on giving the world a range of headphones it says feature strong magnetic drivers and an uncoloured sound.

The latest headphone to benefit from this design direction is the Aventho Wireless, a compact model said to generate a plethora of fine musical detail.

A thoroughly modern headphone, the Aventho Wireless model has an integrated handsfree mode and a built-in rechargeable battery offering up to 30-hours of playtime.

You may wonder why anyone would prize a 30-hour headphone playtime, but head for a long overseas flight and you’ll wonder no more.

As for the handsfree mode, Beyerdynamic has given the Aventho a built-in microphone, a feature tailor-made for smartphone gabfests.

If you fit this profile (and don’t we all?), all you need do to receive a call and commence yabbering away is a double tap.

But the techno-feature that makes the Aventho so special is its integration of Mimi technology.

Mimi was designed by the Berlin-based sound customisation company called, Mimi. The technology has been used by more than a million people to test their hearing or to adjust the sound to suit that hearing.

The technology is certified as medical grade (CE), and its core technology was developed by a horde of audiologists, psychoacoustic experts, engineers and designers.

When it was finalised, Mimi simulated the way sound is processed in the ear, particularly in the cochlea.

As part of this, some information is emphasised to support the brain in processing and distinguishing between different sound elements.

Instead of making frequency selective volume adjustments like a basic equaliser, Mimi’s sound customisation is said to replicate the natural processes in human hearing that change over time with the result that the sound heard is clear, full and has a high dynamic contrast.

Using the Beyerdynamic MIY app, users can customise their Aventho Wireless headphones' acoustics. Choosing the “soundcheck” option on the app, your hearing is examined via a complex test.

A complete hearing profile can be created in about six minutes with the MIY app. Once created this profile is stored on a chip inside the Aventho Wireless where it can be used with any sound source linked to these clever headphones.

The Aventho Wireless is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 protocol with the aptX HD codec from Qualcomm providing great sound quality when used with Android and iOS devices.

In the flesh, the Aventho looks the pinnacle of elegant cool and is comfortable as well. It’s an attractive and functional model that has pivoting, closed earcups and a head friendly headband.

But the final feature, apart from the great sound, is a “sound watching” app service that is used to give you an overview of your listening patterns on request and can then tell you when your ears need a rest?

Soundwatch analyses playback volume and listening duration. Using these parameters it determines any potential strain on your hearing. You can choose to keep on grooving or hitting the music stop key on your source device.

Like we said, the Aventho Wireless is one clever headphone.

For more information visit Beyerdynamic.

Originally published as The Aventho Headphones Listen To You While You Listen To Them.

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