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The freshly announced premium headphones from Beyerdynamic were unveiled at IFA last week. Not only do they sport a clean, contemporary look, they are also the first to combine state-of-the-art active noise cancelling and innovative MOSAYC sound personalisation.

The new Byrd ANC and Lagoon ANC headphones appeared at the Berlin consumer electronics expo and promise not only complete, relaxing silence but also the highest sound quality.

Beyerdynamic told StereoNET that:

“[the headphones] outperform other ANC headphones and adjusts perfectly to the hearing capability of the listener”.

The Blue Byrd ANC are wireless neckband in-ear headphones, whereas the Lagoon ANC are a set of over-ear headphones.


Beyerdynamic utilises active noise cancelling (ANC) with hybrid technology to get rid of ambient sounds. To achieve perfect noise cancellation, it combines microphones on the outside of the casing with microphones inside the ear cup that detects unwanted sounds. The unwelcome noises get cancelled out so that only the music hits your eardrums.

Additionally, the MOSAYC sound personalisation adds a further dimension to sound control.

Listening is a highly individual experience. Moreover, your hearing changes over the course of a lifetime. The company likens it to a mosaic where individual pieces get lost, and so changing the acoustic picture or fading. The result is that subtle details get blurred out, single frequencies or tones vanish.

With the aptly-named MOSAYC sound personalisation from Beyerdynamic added, it restores the image, using something called Mimi Defined.

An individualised hearing profile is calculated after a hearing test in the MIY app for Android and iOS devices. This test is based on the research by Mimi Hearing Technologies in Berlin. The resulting personalised hearing profile tells the Blue Byrd your individual hearing capability. The smart tech replenishes the missing pieces of the mosaic so to speak. Your listening profile is stored inside the Blue Byrd so that it remains no matter which source you use – even without the app.

Blue Byrd ANC earphones

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd ANC

The new top model of the Byrd in-ear series offers a rich, detailed and perfectly tuned sound as well as featuring cutting-edge technologies such as aptX and low latency for lip-synced audio when watching movies. Of course, there's also ANC and MOSAYC, as mentioned earlier.

The in-ears are super-slim and match the shape of the ear. Because they do not protrude from the auricle, you can even wear them while you sleep. The soft, smooth polymer neck strap and five pairs of ear tips will ensure comfortable listening. Even the cables have a velvety finish.

The ear tips and protective grilles can be easily cleaned or replaced. Decorative panels made of anodised and glass-bead blasted aluminium rounds off their classy look.

Lagoon ANC headphones

BEyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Explorer

The stylish Lagoon ANC Bluetooth cans sound great, whether the ANC is switched on or off. However, when used in wireless mode, with activated ANC and MOSAYC sound personalisation, an entirely new world opens up.

The high-quality memory foam earpads are covered with smooth protein synthetic leather. As the earcups mould to your head, passive noise-cancelling is excellent. The high-quality spring steel headband has a comfortable clamping force. The headphones can be turned and folded flat for easy transport, making it easy to fit the headphones in the included compact hard case.

Furthermore, these headphones light up! The inside of the headphones lights up in different colours to show their current status.

There are touch controls on the right earcup, and battery life is quoted as being 24 hours with ANC running, 46 when not. Charging is taken care of via USB-C.

Naturally, aptX, aptX Low Latency and AAC are all present and correct.

NZ Availability and price

The Blue BYRD ANC recommended retail price is $429.95. The Lagoon ANC is available in the variants Traveller (black/blue), and Explorer (grey/brown)  recommended retail price is $699.95.

Both sets will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018.

For more information, head on over to Beyerdynamic.

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