Beyerdynamic Launches 3rd-gen T1 and T5 Headphones

Posted on 1st September, 2020

Beyerdynamic Launches 3rd-gen T1 and T5 Headphones

German headphone specialists, beyerdynamic, have announced its third generation masterpieces in the form of their T1 open-back and T5 closed-back over-ear headphones.

Both new models which have been highly anticipated by head-fi enthusiasts, are said to feature “optimised acoustics and a design that's yet another step closer to perfection”. According to the Heilbronn based company, “the third generation of these masterpieces are more than an upgrade, they are a true upgrace.”

With a well-deserved reputation for their precise but transparent sound, both models feature beyerdynamic's proprietary Tesla transducer technology. 

For the third-gen release, beyer says that “the spatial sound gets a gentle bass boost for a warmer sound experience”.

As you would expect, both T1 and T5 models utilise high-end materials including anodised, brushed aluminium yokes, and Alcantara headbands for an elegant look and feel. A new production process allowed for a precise hole pattern to be machined into the T1's open-backed lacquered stainless steel. The closed-back T5 features the same elaborate structure and finish, without the precision holes.

Memory foam-filled earpads grace both models that adapt to the user's head shape through heat and pressure, that beyerdynamic says offers a “perfect balance and offers exemplrary comfort.”

The T1 and T5 have textile-covered removable cables allowing them to be replaced if needed. The textile sheathing also protects the high-purity OCC7N copper conductors, which ensure the best possible signal transmission. Both headphones can be used with 32 Ohm on both stationary and mobile devices. 

Both the T1 and T5 weigh 360 grams, and claim a frequency response of 5–50,000 Hz, <0.05% (800 Hz / 1 mW) THD, 300mW power handling, and 124dB max sound pressure level. Both models include a Gold-plated, three-pole 3.5mm stereo jack plug, and a 6.3mm plug-in adaptor. 

Available now, they are selling for SGD $1,499 each.

StereoNET has both models in for review currently, so stay tuned for a comprehensive first look at this exciting and important new release from beyerdynamic.

For more information, visit beyerdynamic.

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