Audeze Releases LCD-1 Compact Planar Magnetic Headphones

Posted on 28th November, 2019

Audeze Releases LCD-1 Compact Planar Magnetic Headphones

Combining Audeze's audio quality with a new lightweight design, the Audeze LCD-1 is now available in Singapore.

Audeze LCD-1

The LCD-1 are handcrafted in California, USA, and are meticulously engineered to provide typically impressive audio within a compact, travel-friendly package. The new lightweight headphones combine Audeze's planar magnetic tech with a new foldable design.

Audeze LCD-1

The lightweight construction features robust memory foam earpads and headband for extended comfort during long listening sessions. Perfect for packing in your gig bag or for when travelling to the studio.

Weighing in at just 250 grams, the LCD-1 utilises Fluxor magnets to provide powerful sound, unparalleled sonic detail, and incredible accuracy, according to the company.

Audeze LCD-1

Additionally, the 90mm over-ear Planar drivers matched with ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms produce an incredibly wide dynamic range. Together with the Fazor Wave Guides, we are told to expect deep rich bass with no audible distortion.

Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO of Audeze, told StereoNET:

With the LCD-1, we've created our best sounding headphone in a compact design that's easy to use and convenient for travel. Whether you're a veteran sound engineer that quickly needs to check audio with reference-quality headphones or an audiophile, you'll find the portability and sound quality of the LCD-1 to be incredibly versatile.

Finally, the LCD-1 comes bundled with a 3.5mm premium braided cable for tangle-free connection and a 1/4-inch adapter.

Audeze LCD-1

The Audeze LCD-1 are now available at authorised retailers including AV One, Connect IT, Lazada, Stereo Electronics and for SGD $629.

For more information, go to Audeze.

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