Amazon Starts Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service in the USA

Posted on 30th June, 2021

Amazon Starts Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service in the USA

Never want to miss an opportunity, Amazon has announced and is trialling its new vinyl subscription service in the USA.

Record store owners will be closely observing Amazon's latest venture, which appears to be targeting those freshly bitten by the record collector bug.

Amazon's Vinyl of the Month Club will cost you US$25 per month, and the omnipresent delivery service will send you a new record for your collection every 30 days or so. 

Like some other similar schemes, you won't know what records you'll receive, but you are promised that they will be classics from the “Golden Era of Vinyl” — the 1960s and '70s — as chosen by curators at Amazon Music.

While you can expect cuts from the likes of Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin and ABBA, the pressing you receive will also be down to what Amazon ships to you. So, handy if you're just starting out and want to perhaps fill your rack with the basics - not so good if you have a more discerning or avant-garde taste.

Not such the considerable risk that used to be as, upon receiving your new curiosity, you'll be able to have a listen on one of the streaming services, including Amazon's own hi-res offering, and decide if you like it or not. If it's not up your audio alley, apparently, you will be able to return a record as long as it's sealed and unused.

Personally, I don't think you can't beat building up a relationship with a good real record store or two. That way, you get recommendations, excellent service, the occasional tip-off and deal, and, most importantly, record stores on your high street.

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