Acutus Dark Iron Turntable Becomes AVID’s High-End Entry Point

Posted on 4th May, 2024

Acutus Dark Iron Turntable Becomes AVID’s High-End Entry Point

AVID boasts its latest Acutus turntable features improved engineering, affordability, and a sparkling dark iron finish.

The Acutus Dark Iron is AVID's first new turntable in six years and the first to benefit from a pivotal new integrated motor design. The new deck also replaces 2018's Acutus Dark Limited Edition.

AVID Acutus Dark Iron Turntable

Designed, engineered, and hand-built in Cambridgeshire, England, the Acutus Dark Iron features a new motor system, which sees the motor coupled to the main chassis. AVID states that the new design maintains correct drive-belt alignment, even when the turntable is levelled using the adjustable feet, and eliminates speed-related issues. Additionally, the new motor system “enhances operational smoothness,” while a high-torque AC synchronous motor provides a tenfold increase in power over competitive turntables. It delivers improved control and stability, too, says the brand.

AVID Acutus Dark Iron Turntable

AVID utilises twin round-section drive belts, which allow free suspension movement without speed fluctuations. The power supply employs DSP technology to independently generate a frequency for precise speed adjustment. It is equipped with an 80 VA mains transformer and functions as an integrated amplifier tailored for the high-torque motor.

The turntable boasts a chunky 10 kg aluminium platter, topped with a 10 mm damping disc and a felt-composite mat; however, buyers can upgrade to AVID's precision resin mat which is said to enhance vibration transfer through the grounding clamp for superior sound quality.

AVID Acutus Dark Iron Turntable

The platter sits upon an inverted bearing design, which lowers the centre of gravity. A tungsten carbide ball meets a sapphire jewel, eliminating lateral movement and rumble noise. A self-lubricating sleeve ensures silent, maintenance-free operation.

The bundled aluminium AVID single-action clamp can also be upgraded to a dual-operation version, offering greater control over varying record thicknesses, eliminating warps and air pockets for seamless record-platter connection.

AVID Acutus Dark Iron Turntable

The Acutus Dark Iron's one-piece multi-fold aluminium casting offers strength with controlled movement. Coated with damping media, it “neutralises vibrations, ensuring a linear and time-sensitive sound response.” This is coupled to a suspension system that ensures equal tuning for perfect balance, with its 2.5 Hz isolation frequency preventing skipping and eliminating external vibrations.

Acutus Dark Iron buyers can access discounts on AVID's range of tonearms and cartridges, plus the mat and clamp upgrade, when ordered with the turntable.

The Acutus Dark Iron is now available to order priced at €12,000 or €15,000 with the mat and clamp upgrade, which costs €3,500 and €600 if bought separately.

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