Posted on 24th August, 2018

Yamaha's release of the NS-5000 loudspeakers brought back memories of its former glory, the legendary NS-1000 which still fetches top dollar on the second-hand market today.

Off the back of the success of the NS-5000, Yamaha has today announced a suite of flagship models, including the GT-5000 turntable, C-5000 pre-amplifier, and M-5000 power amplifier, each pushing the boundaries and showcasing Yamaha's capabilities as a world-class manufacturer.

Damien Henderson, Product Manager for Yamaha Music Australia’s AV Division, told StereoNET:

We’re incredibly excited to announce not just a new flagship model, but an entire series designed to deliver breathtaking high-fidelity performance. Yamaha has a long and celebrated history in Hi-Fi, and we’re looking to continue this legacy.

The new range will not be available until early next year. However, the models will be exclusively debuted at the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show in Australia, October 12-14, in Lake 3 at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Albert Park. Tickets are on sale now and NZ residents receive free entry.

GT-5000 Turntable

Yamaha GT-5000 Turntable 2018

Marking its return to turntables, the GT-5000 according to Yamaha is a “modern-day classic”. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed GT series Yamaha was once known for, it features the same heavy wooden cabinets, and a 5kg aluminium platter, weighing in at a total of 26.5kgs.

The GT-5000 employs a custom belt-drive system, and a short, straight tonearm that Yamaha says “delivers superior rigidity as well as balance of weight and mechanics which results in improved traceability.”

C-5000 Pre-amplifier

Yamaha C-5000 Pre-amplifier 2018

The C-5000 pre-amp also features fully balanced and discrete circuits, with each channel resembling a mirror image of the other, including independent toroidal transformers to ensure excellent channel separation and voltage stability.

M-5000 Power Amplifier

Yamaga M-5000 Amplifier 2018

Delivering 100 watts into two channels (8 ohms), when combined with the GT-5000 and C-5000, it delivers a fully balanced end-to-end signal chain.

Henderson added:

Meticulously symmetrical in its internal design, left and right channels are isolated both physically and electrically. The deliberately simple layout also serves to reduce the signal path as much as possible to minimise energy loss and achieve lower impedance.

The M-5000 features thick wires and screw-type connections which Yamaha says contributes to the low-impedance design, which minimises the loss that would otherwise typically occur in conventional connections and wire assemblies.

And did we mention VU meters?

Pricing and NZ availability has not yet been released, but the GT-5000 will be available in Black Gloss, while the M-5000 and C-5000 will come in Black, or Silver with Black Gloss sides.

For more information visit Yamaha.

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