Posted on 12th March, 2018

Sennheiser's new IE80S look like they mean business. They’re deep black, attach to your source via a deep black cable and the earpieces look sturdy and functional.

At first glance, the IE80S looks precisely like what it is: an in-ear model built to sound good on the go or at rest and do so surviving the rigours and stresses of day-to-day use.

Slip a pair into an ear canal and you’ll feel they feel snug and comfortable and, they keep a lot of external noise out and most of the music in your ear.

A good thing. The last thing you want is having the IE80S' sound leaking out to others if you commute.

Sennheiser has given this model the added advantage of a detachable cable. There's also a bundle of ear buds - different sized ones for different sized ears.

Most of the great sound we hear with these headphones derives from the Neodymium magnet equipped drivers.

Buy a pair, and you’ll hear what we hear, a sound spanning the spectrum from 10Hz to 20kHz.

The IE80S has an impedance of 16 Ohms.

Far more interesting is the little screw on each ear pad. Using the supplied screwdriver, the bass can be increased or decreased by turning these screws a little to the left or right.

Price of the Sennheiser IE80S is NZ $599.95, and they are available now.

For more information visit Sennheiser.

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